Tajweed Lesson Number - 12 With Practical Practice Video and Notes

First Watch Tajweed Practice Videos Carefully:

Lesson Number: 12

Given below are three kinds of double strokes:

Double Fatha, double Kasra, and double Damma.

The pupil is asked to identify these signs in the following:

A common name for the three signs is ‘Tanveen’. If any of these Tanveen signs is placed upon a letter, it has the effect of producing the sound of 'Noon' (with jazm)

Example: “Double Fatha” is equivalent of ‘Dan’; 
“Double Kasra” is the equivalent ‘Din’; 
“Double Damma” is the equivalent ‘Dun’.

Producing the phonetic sounds as in lesson 9.

Mixed Exercise

Lesson 12


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