Tajweed Lesson Number - 19 With Practical Practice Videos and Notes | Course for Kid, Men & Women

First Watch Tajweed Practice Videos Carefully:

Lesson Number: 19

Blank Letters

Lesson 19
A blank letter is one which is without any sign. It is not pronounced,
Lesson 19 1

Yet it is written down. (However every blank letter is not silent. A blank Aliph, with Fatha on a letter before it, and no Jam after it, is not silent. It is pronounced according to lesson No. 10).

Note: — If the letter 'ye is written without its two dots it is also

Example: — ‘Faaad is same as Fad’, Aliph is silent. See below Image

In the examples below, Arabic equivalents have been shown in smaller prints.

Mixed Exercise

Note: — If Jazm' happens to be the first sign in a given line, it still connects the letter of the previous line.

Lesson 19 2


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