Tajweed Course Lesson Number - 2 With Practical Practice Video and Notes for Kids, Men & Women

First Watch Tajweed Practice Videos:

Tajweed Lesson Number - 3 With Practical Practice Video and Notes

Required to pronounce the name of each alphabet as he reads from right to left. If at any stage he is stuck or makes a mistake, as for example he rends a letter as 'Isa' whereas it is la', then he can be told that it is,' as it has two dots above the line, and so forth. In this way, he will be able to connect the form of the alphabet with its name which is very necessary. But otherwise, there is no need to refer to dots or to the, positions while teaching a child. He must always read in a flow.

The following three lines contain all the alphabets of Arabic. In this given order. These are to be repeated, till the whole of it is learnt in that order. This will be found useful, later on.

Lesson 2

Lesson 2 1

Lesson 2 2

Lesson 2 3


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