Tajweed Lesson Number - 27 With Practical Practice Videos and Notes | Course for Kid, Men & Women

First Watch Tajweed Practice Videos Carefully:

Lesson Number: 27

Lesson 27

Three letters with combined sound

Example: — is read 'Allam' etc. See below Image

Example: — is 'Yassarnal Quran', only the underlined part of the long word is the three letter combination which is. See below Image

Lesson 27 1

Note: - The combination of three letters is not affected by blank letters in between. These remain silent. However blank Aliph after Shadda is not silent. 

Note: - In the last line of this exercise there are two Shadda signs side by side.
Example: - See below image

Lesson 27 2

More examples in two Shadda side by side. L.: A-L-1 is read tanassadda-qannas. The following part is from three letter combination. Combination See below image


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