Tajweed Lesson Number - 29 With Practical Practice Videos and Notes | Course for Kid, Men & Women

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Lesson Number: 29

Lesson 29

Tanveen before Shadda

The normal sound of Tanveen is not produced if there is a Shadda immediately after it. There are two situations.

(a). Tanveen changes to Fatha, Kasra or Damma as the case may be, if Shadda is upon the consonant.

Lesson 29 1

Example: — Tanli is read (TaIli)

(b). Tanveen changes to half pronounced ' Noon ' (Nun Ghunna) if the Shadda is on a vowel.

Example: — Wa is read ‘Ti(n)wwa'. It is not read 'Tinwwa' nor Tiwwa. The bracketed (n) is just an under-tone sound in 'n'. Examples of Nun Ghunna are very common in the Holy Quran. See below image

Lesson 29 2


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