Tajweed Course Lesson Number - 3 With Practical Practice Video and Notes for Kids, Men & Women

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Lesson Number: 3

Tajweed Lesson 3

Letters in combination

What is given below should not be regarded or read as complete words. The pupil is made to understand that when letters are written in combination, their form undergoes some change. In most sales, only the top part of the letter is retained. He should be shown that two letters are joined by means of a small line, called, 'Khatte Wasl. He should pronounce each letter of the combination separately, as in lesson 2. Example: — is to be mad as; jim, ba.

tajweed Lesson 3 1
tajweed Lesson 3 2

The bend

Letters are sometimes represented by dots above or below a bend. Accordingly, if there is one dot above a bend ' s ' it represents 'nun' te, one dot below the bend -2 is 'ba'. Two dots above the bend -1 is la. Two dots below the bend is ya. Three dots above the bend.-; is 'tha'. As seen below, the bends are in combination with other letters. The pupil must read each letter separately.

tajweed Lesson 3 3

Letters in different forms i.e. in the beginning, in the middle, and in the end

tajweed Lesson 3 4 4


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