Tajweed Lesson Number - 32 With Practical Practice Videos and Notes | Course for Kid, Men & Women

First Watch Tajweed Practice Videos Carefully:

Lesson Number: 32

Lesson 32


Before Shadda , if there is a letter with Jazm , the letter is dropped out in reading (Idgham). The letter that occurs before Jazm is then combined with Shadda.

Example: — Qidta is read (Qatta).

Lesson 32 1

But if the Jazm in such a situation. is on the letter ‘Noon’ and the Shadda sign happens to be on a vowel. thcn the letter ‘Noon’ is not dropped out. It is then half pronounced as letter Nun Ghunna.

Example: — Minwa is read Mi(n)wwa. Anyu is read A(n)yyo not ‘Ayyo’

Mixed Exercise

lesson 32 2


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