Figs (Injeer) Health Benefits Uses & Cures in Quran & Hadith

 Figs (Injeer) Health Benefits Uses & Cures in Quran & Hadith

Order:   Rosales
Family:  Moraceae
Genus:   Ficus
Species:  F. carica
English Name: Figs
Urdu Name: Injeer
Arabic Name: Teen

 Figs Injeer Health tips in quran hadith

Dried figs

Health Benefits / Uses /Cures:

۩ Remove kidney and urinary bladder stone
۩ Release intestinal pain
۩ Dyspepsia And Anorexia
۩ Piles
۩ Help Lower High Blood Pressure
۩ A Sweet Way to Lose Weight
۩ Fruit and Cereal Fiber Protective against Postmenopausal Breast Cancer
۩ An Insulin-Lowering Leaf in Diabetes
۩ Cardiovascular Effects
۩ Protection against Macular Degeneration
۩ Prevention of constipation
۩ Recommended for obese people
۩ Prevention of colon cancer
۩ Prevention of coronary heart disease
۩ Protection against post-menopausal breast cancer
۩ Good for diabetic patients
۩ Prevention of hypertension
۩ Bronchitis
۩ Figs have been recommended as a way to correct sexual dysfunction like sterility, endurance, or erectile dysfunction
۩ Relief from sexually transmitted diseases
۩ Strengthens Bones
۩ Relief for throat pain

Note: Excess is not good, Eating too many figs can cause diarrhea.

Figs (Injeer) in Holy Quran

۝ Surrah Teen, Verse. #. 1-4: By the fig and the olive. By mount Sinai. By this city of security (Makkah).Verily,We created man in the best stature(mould).

Figs (Injeer) in Ahadith

۞ Hazrat Abu Darda (R.A) narrates that Rasullullah (Peace be upon him) said, “Eat fig, for it cures the piles and is useful for rheumatism”.

۞ Hazrat Abu Darda (R.A) narrates that someone presented the Prophet a plate of figs and he said, “Eat figs! If I would say a certain type of fruit was sent down to us from the heavens I would say it’s a fig because it has no seeds. It ends (cures) the piles and is useful for rheumatism.”

۞ The Prophet  (Peace be upon him) mentioned figs and then stated, “If I had to mention a fruit that descended from paradise I would say this is it, because the paradisiacal fruits do not have pits… eat from these fruits for they prevent hemorrhoids, piles and gout”(Bukhari).

dried figs


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