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Allergies (allergic - Allergie / Allergy) is the reaction of the immune system (Immune system) for the material is familiar to him, such as pollen, poison due to bee sting or animal dander.

The immune system produces a protein called antibody (or: Antibody - Antibody .IgE). These antibodies protect the body from foreign objects unwanted, that may invade the body and cause disease or infection. When people suffer from allergies (allergic) particular substance, the immune system produces antibodies that identify Almstorj (Article Almarjh, which cause allergies - Allergen) and deal with him as a harmless, although it is not the case, leading to the secretion of histamine (Histamine) and materials other cause symptoms of allergies.

May cause an allergic reaction (allergic) different symptoms can appear on the skin, sinus, respiratory airways and in the gastrointestinal tract. The units vary sensitivity and severity of allergies from one person to another, it can range between sensitivity alarm (Stimulation) slight and even anaphylaxis (Anaphylaxis), which is an emergency situation that may cause death. It can not be cured of allergies, but there are some treatments that help relieve the symptoms of allergies.

Questions And Answers

Q1: I have a sensitivity to the mite and mold. How can I avoided?

A: If you have an allergy to mites and mold, these are some ways to avoid dust mites and mold:

Dust Mites

- Bed covered pillows and bedspreads bed covers anti-allergic equipped Bssth.

- Wash all bedding in hot water once a week.

- It is best to avoid the carpet. If you do not you can get rid of carpets, Ashvtoa dust at times close to the inside of the multi-layered and resistant to the sensitivity of the suction bag. Wore a mask during dust suction. If your child suffers from asthma, Do not do siphoning off the dust when he or she is in the room. You can buy pesticide dust mites (such as Acrosn). Can the physician for asthma to give you information about these products.

- Avoid curtains. They used plastic curtains instead. Washable curtains should be washed with warm water every 2-4 weeks.

- Remove dust from all surfaces with a damp cloth around the same time, including Alapajurat and window sills.

- Downplayed the chaos. Should be stored children's books and toys in cupboards, shelves or bookcases closed.

- Changed the animals play an old-fashioned play washable animals.

- Replacement of water heaters, air conditioners filters regularly.

Algae And Mold

· Ventilation wet places around the same time. They occupied a dehumidifier to keep the humidity between 25% -50%.

* Use air conditioners when possible.

· Clean the bathroom regularly, using lethal and non-slip materials for mold. The use of suction fan to remove steam from the room. Do not use carpet in the bathroom.

· Stay home outside the bathroom plants.

· When the house paint, weatherproof material were added to prevent mold growth.

Avoid sources of mold in the outside, such as wet foliage or garden waste papers.

Q 2: Results in improper blood test after allergy treatment. About a month ago I suffered from allergies possibly because of contact textured resin (Resin) from one of Acjar.tgayt treatment by Alostroiadat, anti-histamine and cortisone. After a week still sensitive and routine medical tests conducted were from which to discover the level of globulin and bilirubin total outside of the normal range: globulin: 2.5g / dl and bilirubin total: 1.15mg / dl Is it possible a relationship between allergies and treatment, between the increase in these values?

A: There is no link between allergies and still globulin levels between high bilirubin. But there are a variety of possible reasons for the increase bilirubin levels, but first you must know what was the bilirubin levels have in the past, to see if this was a sharp and immediate change or is it a chronic process.

Well, I advise you to conduct additional tests to reduce the diagnostic capabilities, such as:
  • Alkaline phosphatase Alvesfattaz alkali
  • Aspartate aminotransferase (GOT)
  • Glutimil tankers peptide gamma (Gamma glutamyl transpeptidase - GGT)
  • GPT
  • And direct bilirubin
Q 3: Allergic reaction when eating figs. Every year when the fig season begins, there is a kind of fig, who after eating 10 grains of it, it burns my tongue, palate, and if touched lips, starts within an hour sores of the lips, as I was young, after sitting in the sun. I put 70% alcohol on the wound, and the wound does not heal, but I feel the burning in my mouth for two days. Are there any types of figs that can eat them without a lot happen to me something? Why is this happening? Who is the expert in this field?

A: Describes the phenomenon can be sensitive and can be a contact dermatitis. There can be a species of figs that contain certain materials which you are allergic to it, and because of contact with the mucous membranes in the mouth sores form in the mouth. I suggest you go to the doctor sensitivity (allergy specialist b), which will guide you to the sensitivity of the tests, including sensitivity to the type of figs , which causes the symptoms described by the test. If you found that you are sensitive for her, it Ausik to refrain from eating it . Allergist may refer you for further tests and further consultations with the oral medicine experts or dermatologist.

Q 4: Information about medication cyproheptadine. I want to receive information about medication cyproheptadine (Cyproheptadine) or commercial smiling ORACTIN.

A: This drug is intended to increase appetite (I can not find an explanation of the drug). The name of this drug is Cyproheptadine This is a medicine intended for the treatment of allergy symptoms - itching, tears and runny nose, which also has an additional use as a treatment to increase appetite. The main side effects include low vigilance and intensify the secretions of the trachea. Warns taken when drinking alcohol due to increased vigilance and low inhibition of the central nervous system.

Q5: Doubts about medical negligence in the treatment of a pregnant woman. I suffer from Factor 5 Leiden Factor V Leiden and Factor Factor XI and allergic to aspirin. In the two preceding calving medical staff it was not willing to give me (Klexan - Clexane) did not classify cases among high-risk pregnancies, because My doctor did not think to do so, even though I asked. In the second I was born, the child is the status of the rear, My doctor did not bother to do so, she said, only that I will bitterest by Caesarean section, and did not talk to me about the risks. In my case it was even thinking about the heart of the fetus should be because of the risk of bleeding in the process. In summing up the first pregnancy, there was no discussion or conclusions about the future, and a day before the second birth, doctors came to my question, if you remember what they told me about the disease. I offered my life at risk twice, and today I have the cases of depression and fears. Is this a medical negligence?

A: As I understand it, calving previous two meters in peace and did not happen to you and Mwaliedk any damage. According to what was described then you suffer from fears and anxieties. The relationship between them and the things that have been said to you or not spoken, by the treating physicians are unclear.

I have no way of knowing whether what they have done or they had not done was right and proper, but the positive result (twice) mean that everything has gone well. Without any doubt, you should inform your doctor about your health and your illness and Hsast different drugs, and even to make sure that these things are clearly recorded in your medical. Not everything that you say people who are not well-versed on the details of the illness is more reliable than do doctors who know your status.

Let's hope that the next pass births successfully calving like the previous two, and possibly by the same doctors, who apparently cared for your well.


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