Asthma Signs And Symptoms, Worsening, Causes And Risk Factors, Complications, Diagnosis Treatment

Asthma is inflammation in the air ducts in the lungs and Adiqagaha. Muscle surrounding the bronchial tubes constrict and accumulate a large amount of phlegm in the air ducts leading to the blockage. And asthma ranging between crackles and wheezing when breathing Alkhveven symptoms between bouts of asthma may be life-threatening.

There is no cure for asthma, but it is possible to control the symptoms. Control of asthma include motivating him to avoid factors and symptom control. Sometimes there may be a need to take drugs for a long term, consistently, to prevent asthma attacks, in addition to drugs for a short over for asthma treatment in emergency situations, if they arise. If asthma is not under control and follow-up, it causes frequent and long absences from school or work, which could reduce the level of productivity. The change of asthma severity with time in most people, so it is necessary to submit to monitor the health and permanent follow-up and monitoring of indicators and symptoms and the appropriateness of the treatment of asthma as needed.

Asthma Symptoms

Asthma ranging from mild to severe symptoms vary from one person to another. Mild symptoms may appear, such as wheezing and crackles, during breathing, asthma has occasional bouts occur. Among the seizures, the patient may be in good condition and not experiencing any respiratory difficulties. It is possible to show symptoms, such as coughing, wheezing and crackles, permanently during breathing. There is a third possibility is the emergence of symptoms of asthma at night mainly or only when you make a physical effort.

Signs And Symptoms Of Asthma Include:

  • Shortness of breath
  • Contractions or pain in the chest
  • Problems sleeping because of shortness of breath
  • Coughing, whistling or rattles when breathing
  • Beeps or rattles could be heard when exhaling
  • Paroxysms of coughing or rattles during breathing, increase the severity of the injury as a result of respiratory tract infection, in cases of colds and flu, for example.

Signs Of Worsening Of Asthma:

  • A rise in unit and frequency of symptoms of the disease
  • Drop in maximum air flow rates, which are measured by the maximum speed of exhalation scale, which is a simple device designed to measure the performance level of the lungs
  • A growing need for the use of bronchodilators aerobic - drugs that lead to open airways, by loosening the surrounding muscles.

It is necessary to have an asthma patient under medical observation permanently, to examine whether there is a need to increase the dosage and timing of the increase, or take other actions to address the symptoms or severe disease, until it is brought under control again. But if he stays aggravated asthma, it may be there is a need at times to go to the hospital. The doctor can help diagnose the signs and symptoms that require to go to the emergency room at the hospital, so that the patient is aware of cases where it should go to receive assistance.

The Causes And Risk Factors For Asthma

It is not clear why some people get asthma while others do not get. It is likely to believe that asthma is the result of a combination of several environmental factors and genetic (hereditary).

Factors that trigger asthma varies from one person to another. The exposure to a large number of allergens (allergen - a substance that causes hypersensitivity - Allergen) would provoke signs and symptoms of asthma, including:

  • Airborne allergens, such as pollen (flower pollen), scales animals, mold, dust mites and cockroaches
  • Pollution in the respiratory tract, such as in a regular flu papyrus
  • Physical activity (asthma caused by exercise)
  • cold air
  • Air pollutants and Mstthero Sense, like smoke
  • Certain medications, including beta obstacles, aspirin and other anti-inflammatory drugs do not contain steroids
  • Feverishness and tension
  • Sulfate (sulfuric acid salts), preservatives are added to some food products
  • Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD - Gastroesophageal reflux disease), a situation in which the return acids from the stomach up to the throat
  • PMS in some women
  • An allergic reaction to the types of foods, such as peanuts or shellfish.

Asthma is a widespread disease that affects millions of adults and children. As they are diagnosed annually with the increasing numbers of people, but the reason for this is still unknown.

Are A Number Of Factors That Are Known To Increase The Risk Of Asthma, Including:

  • Previous injuries asthma in the family
  • Frequent infections in the respiratory tract in childhood
  • Passive smoking
  • Life in the civilian area, especially if the air pollution in large
  • Exposure to the factors that provoke illness in the workplace, such as chemicals in factories, used in agriculture or in hairdressing
  • Small weight at birth or obesity redundant.

Complications Of Asthma

It Can Cause Asthma For Many Complications, Including:

  • Go to the emergency room and hospitalization (inpatient in the hospital) for the acute treatment of asthma
  • Narrowing permanently in the bronchial tubes (airways restructuring of the new)
  • Side effects as a result of the use of certain drugs for the treatment of acute asthma, long time.

Asthma Diagnosis

Asthma is difficult to diagnose in some cases. The signs and symptoms ranging from mild to severe, and may be similar to the symptoms and signs of other illnesses, including emphysema, heart attack early, or problems in Uttar sound. It may be difficult at times to distinguish between asthma and the bronchitis which is accompanied by whistling, pneumonia or another disease of the airways in response to certain stimuli.

To be possible to exclude other possible diseases, being a doctor examined physically and raises questions about the signs and symptoms and other health problems. And sometimes also it is test the functionality of the lungs, until you select the amount of air entering and leaving during the breathing process. Functionality tests of the lungs include:

- Examine the spirometer: This test examination over the constriction of the bronchi, as they are which measure the amount of air that can be reformatted exhale after a deep inhalation and exhalation are any speed.

- Peak flowmeter: peak flow meter is a simple device that can be used at home and detection, whereby, for minor changes may get, even before feeling symptoms. If the result is less than usual, then an indication that asthma will appear soon. The doctor provides instructions for how to pursue low results and handling.

Functionality tests of the lungs take place, often, before and after the use of bronchodilator (Extended bronchiorum aerobic - bronchodilator) to open the airways. If improved, the functionality of the lungs of the person subject to examination as a result of expanded use, it is likely that he has asthma.
Other additional tests for the diagnosis of asthma:

- Checking Almitakulin (Metacholine Challenge): inhalation of a sick person with asthma known material as exciting for asthma, called Matakulin, it generates a mild strain in the airways. Positive result in the examination Almitakulin confirm the diagnosis of asthma. Such an examination conducted in the event of job performance tests of the lungs showed normal results.

- Examination of nitric oxide is sometimes being examined to diagnose and monitor asthma, which measures the amount of gas called nitric oxide in the breath. If there is inflammation in the airways - and that of the signs of asthma, a disease nitric oxide level will be higher than usual. This examination is uncommon.

How to classify asthma?

In order to determine the extent of asthma severity and gravity, being a doctor - in addition to the physical examination and laboratory tests - an assessment of the answers of the person subject to the examination of the questions related symptoms (such as: how often appear asthma attacks and what intensity?). 

Determine the severity of asthma helps the doctor to choose the most effective asthma treatment, noting that the severity of asthma often change over time, requiring, therefore, convenient treatment of asthma.

Asthma Is Divided Into Four General Categories:

Asthma Type
Light cascaded
Mild symptoms until two days a week and even in the month Alitin
Fixed (permanent) Light
More than twice the symptoms of a week but no more than once a day.
Fixed (permanent) moderate
Symptoms of visits per day and more than one night a week.
Fixed (permanent severe)
Symptoms throughout the day, most days, often at night.

Asthma Treatment

Asthma treatment involves, often, avoiding the factors that trigger seizures and taking one drug or more. Asthma varies from one person to another treatment.

The majority of people with asthma use fixed combination of drugs for long-term control of asthma and TB disease rapidly to alleviate eaten by hand splinter (Inhaler).

Because asthma changes over time there is a need for medical follow-up, to control the symptoms and to learn of any changes and amendments should be made in the therapeutic regime remains appropriate for the disease, always.
Asthma drug treatment includes medications for the long term goal of controlling asthma, drugs for rapid easing (rescue) and drugs for the treatment of allergic hypersensitivity to the antigen (Allergy). Choose the type of medication entrusted age and symptoms.

Drugs Over A Long Term To Control The Asthma:

Drugs are for daily use, mostly.
Types of drugs over a long term to control asthma include:
  • Inhaled corticosteroid Mounhqh
  • Beta 2 agonists long-term (LABAs), such as Slmatarol Serevent Diskus
  • Controls for Oicotrellan (leukotriene), such as Mundtlokasit Sanjular Cromolyn and Nedocromil (Tilade)
  • Taofelin (Theophylline)
  • Drugs for rapid easing, also called rescue medications - these drugs are used for rapid easing as needed, for an immediate easing of symptoms, in the event of an asthma attack before or sports, or if a doctor recommended it.

The Types Of Medications To Alleviate The Rapid Include:

  • Beta 2 agonists for the short term, such as Salbotmul
  • Abertrubiom (Ipratropium)
  • Crusty corticosteroid to be swallowed or injected into a vein.
Drugs that cause allergic asthma. Drugs of this type reduces the sensitivity of the body to the allergen (substance that causes hypersensitivity - Allergen) given, or prevent the immune system from bring the reaction to any of these allergens.

The Treatment Of Allergic Asthma Include:

  • Asthma vaccine treatment
  • Antibodies single Alnsleyh (Monoclonal antibody) type of IgE

Prevention Of Asthma

Through cooperation and joint action with the doctor could be the work of the program, a gradual mode, easily cope with asthma and prevent asthma attacks: writing a work program for the treatment of asthma, identify the factors that trigger asthma and avoidance, breath control, identify the heart and addressed at an early stage.

Question And Answer

Q 1: What differs from asthma in children for asthma in adults?

A: The ability of lung capacity in adults after menopause much lower age compared to the smallest older (the amount of air that can be meddling into your lungs through inhalation and then taken out by exhaling strongly during the second one), where it is there are changes in the lung muscles arises hardening of the lung casing. The ability of low capacity and could lead to the failure of the physician in the diagnosis of asthma in adults.

Q 2: How can I prevent asthma attacks?

A: There are many things you can do to prevent an aggravation of asthma and seizures. Including:
To minimise the factors that trigger asthma among you. Can the people who suffer from asthma to take an active role in control of the situation by identifying those things that lead to provoke asthma attacks have, and take measures to reduce exposure to these factors in the home and at school or at work.
• taking asthma medication. The many people who suffer from chronic asthma tearing my medications (usually corticosteroids through the sprayer) that reduce inflammation of the airways. Studies indicate that these drugs taken on a daily basis reduces the risk of having asthma.

Q 3: What are the side effects of the expanded tubing aerobic Pharmaceuticals?

A: Side effects for bronchial dilators are:

rapid heartbeat
Side effects of Bronchodilators tend to occur when taking oral medications (pills and capsules of liquid through the mouth) more than drugs that take via the inhalation. However, the side effects. sometimes happens even with the medication that takes through the inhalation. They usually go away after conditioning the body to the drug. If side effects become bothersome and persistent, you should inform your doctor.

Q 4: It can cause medicines to treat asthma harm to my baby if you are pregnant?

A: Unacceptable that pregnant women are afraid Taking the drug during pregnancy. However, if the woman was infected with asthma, it is particularly important that well - controlled asthma by then, not only for her own health, but also for the health and proper development of the fetus. If you are pregnant or thinking of becoming pregnant, I prefer to talk with a doctor about asthma you have to stabilise the breathing channels you have and give you the right medicine. Asthma risks of uncontrolled during pregnancy is greater than the risks of necessary asthma medications.

Q 5: How can I prevent asthma symptoms after exercise?

A: Should not that you abstain from exercise - induced asthma because of the physical effort. Inhaled medications before exercise can take control of asthma symptoms after exercise, and even to prevent it. Preferred medications for this case is dope beta 2 receptors rapid activity (Short acting beta-2 agonists), such as Albotrol.

In addition to taking medication against asthma, the warm - up and cooling process before and after physical activity can prevent asthma attacks. When those who suffer from allergies, you should limit outdoor activity on days when the number of high pollen. Also should reduce the outdoor activity when they are very low temperatures , or on days when pollution levels are very high. Tlutah the presence of diseases, such as colds, it may also increase the symptoms, so it is best to limit the practice of physical activity when you are sick.


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