Enhance Memory and Preservation Techniques in Old Age Ageing

 Enhance Memory and Preservation Techniques in Old Age Ageing

Over the years the quality of less memory, but it can be a fun and effective learning techniques in order to enhance memory and preservation. Starting from mentioning names aloud even remember the details by using the initials of the names. but how ?

You know, of course, a joke Juha, who wander all day with a red string tied around his finger. His friend asked him - "Juha, why put a thread on your finger?" Juha replied: My mother is linked, in order to remember the things you have requested me to buy it from the grocery store. "Asked the friend -" Why should I buy it from the grocery store? "Juha- replied," I forgot ... "

Red thread technology to improve memory may not succeed in the case of Juha, but if he tried one of the following methods to improve memory , was certainly remember the list of widgets that should have been bought from the grocery store. To practice these techniques to enhance memory and conservation will also help you, the ageing generation, to remember the details and remember important information, every time you need them. This is worth a try.

Enhance memory and preservation techniques in old age ageing

1. When you 're new to a new person, they repeated his name loudly, so his name will dig in your memories. For example - "I am honoured knowledge, John Doe."

2. Look at the image is not known you for a few seconds, then Aqlboha and tried to write as many details that Tzkronha for the image on the paper. Close your eyes and tried to imagine the picture. Trained on it with another image at a time.
3. Game Cards - Write on one side of the card a question (for example, what is the name of the person whom I met in the grocery store) , and on the other side the answer (for example, so and so Filan), and are trained to remember the answers.

4. Imagine the names of people or places in the form of an image. For example, imagine a flower neighbour Sawsan red and beautiful, the city of Dubai from the bear, and the like. Prefer to use positive images, because the brain tends to prevent the negative images. Preferably also thinking coloured pictures, lively and holographic.

5. Lists, such as the grocery list, it can be remembered by shortening characters. For example, if you want to buy toothpaste, vitamins, and corn bread - the all you remember is the word "Thighed", which is actually an acronym for all widgets. Of course, you must be a word or phrase as easy as possible, and not a strange mix, such as "Jkaankpm" - this certainly will not they had learned.

6. You can remember the names of the people by giving them titles. For example, Abbas huge corpse can the label B, "Abbas chaff," Samia urgent you can always call them "fast-Semitic" and the like. Only a small piece of advice: try to make sure to maintain these titles for yourselves nor Tornado by their owners by mistake ....

7. Long numbers such as phone numbers or identification numbers preferably divided into groups. what does that mean? For example, the phone number 7568343-06 can be broken down as follows: 75-68-343-06 or as this: 756-83-43-06, or in any other convenient way for you.

8. "Loki way or the site" is an ancient and effective way to remember a lot of material, such as speech. This method is based on the division of art into parts, connecting every part of the article location know well, such as the way to work. Thus, you "you go" in your imagination to work, and every time you pass an important location (such as an intersection, a traffic signal, amusement) park, it symbolises for you to another part of the article or speech.

9. Recording diary. Just write every day what happened with you, and even small and unimportant things. They took pictures and Orval diarists, or just write the history of the back, the place, the participants in the event. This will help you to enhance memory, and also in the future would be a nice legacy for future generations.

10. Keep memorise the words of a favourite song, so that you can sing it yourself , without considering the words. So you can save the names of prime ministers, mayors, heads of state, and so on - in the order of their mandate.

And now, after that do you know the techniques to enhance memory and conservation , they tried to remember by heart the- No. 100 after the first comma in the number "Bai" (3.14 = π). Did you succeed? Fabulous. Now remember the first number after the comma thousand !.


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