Fight Against Ageing

The fight against ageing is the subject of much talk about it in the forties generations, but preferably you, you as parents to worry about this topic. If you plan to pass the ninth and tenth decade of life so that you keep strong, active and vital? It prefers to follow some of the secrets of the fight against the ageing of the body and the spirit.

The fight against ageing is the subject of much talk about it among the forties, but also you prefer you as parents to worry about this topic. If you plan to pass the ninth and tenth decade of life so that you keep strong, active and vital? It prefers to follow some of the secrets of anti-ageing body and soul.

Man is a complex creature and to maintain our health, we should pay attention to different aspects of the body and soul, it has proven this fact scientifically - when the body is sick Spirit followed, when our mind is stimulated. The mood is changing, when we are good physical condition Lincoln be more severe. It is true that genetics significant impact on longevity and health, but also to the way of life of great importance. Studies indicate that there is a brain softer unusual where can cope with almost every possible position. For example, avoid unnecessary tensions will lead to an increase in cognitive performance, namely N-brain be more alone than ever. You 10 tips on how to maintain a youthful spirit and a healthy body for many years:

1. Motivate the Brain: living a long life is good and beautiful, but to make life interesting and vital, it must maintain a sharp brain, in other words - antiageing of the brain as well. As with every body, brain needs to exercise so as not to turn into a useless or worse mass. Studies have found that exposing the brain for permanent challenges keeps nerve channels are open and can prevent or hinder the development of Alzheimer's disease and dementia. how to do that? Learn a new language, Read the books, watch out for the environment - smelt, listen, look carefully.

2. Eat Correctly: be mindful every day to eat - five servings of fruits and vegetables in different colours, and 3 servings of whole grain to supply the body with vitamins and minerals. Drink 8-12 glasses of water daily. Sure to come 35% of total daily calories from fat, so they are about one-fifth of the proportion of good fats such as olive oil, avocado, tannin, 15% of the protein and the rest of the complex carbohydrates such as oatmeal, whole wheat bread and brown rice.

3. Keep a High Level of Spirituality: Studies have found that spiritual people - whether they believe in a particular religion, or practising meditation or go back themselves to forgiveness, enjoy a quiet life and more good. Fight ageing associated with high spirituality, which raises the energy and spirit to the same levels of moral and physical health improves as a result of that the practice of yoga have positive effects on people jittery and nervous in reducing stress levels and in preventing the development of their obsessive-compulsive disorder and depression syndrome. This is especially true for the later years of our lives, where then leads to focus on something spiritual to a significant improvement in physical health as well.

4. Practised Sports: Aerobic exercises are essential for anyone who wants to slow down the ageing process in the body. Hundreds of studies have shown that exercise retard the deterioration of endurance, muscle strength, balance and bone density. So what do you do? We anti-ageing body: Get out in the course of a tour in the vicinity Snaky, they tried to do so in a less crowded roads and beautiful streets and lit three times a week. From two to three times a week, Arise strength exercises - conducted about a dozen strength exercises, which can be received through a fitness trainer at the club or by a personal trainer from 0.8 to 15 back for each exercise. Other options are swimming or any other activity you love and you enjoy it, preferably with good partners.

5. Dwarf Amount of Antioxidants: Free radicals increase the incidence of diseases related to ageing and antioxidants are the means to overcome them. Should every human concern for the consumption of antioxidants, either through feeding or through dietary supplements. Can cross - feeding get plenty of antioxidants through brightly and clear colours such as tomatoes, carrots, squash, spinach rich Nondenominational eating vegetables, cranberry blue and purple as a source of Fluoridation. Since the food contains various types of antioxidants that work synergistic ally with each other, we must ensure the diversification of fruit and vegetable consumption as much as possible.

6. Sleep Well: stick to the pseudo - European "will only sleep when I die , " just bring you closer extra step or two to this stage. Lack of sleep (less than six hours each night) increase the risk of heart attack or stroke significantly. In addition, the brain harbours more quickly. A sensory level, lack of sleep lead to nervousness, lack of relaxation, anger, tension and also to diseases and infections. Ideally tried to sleep eight hours every night to maintain good health and a sound mind.

7. Think about Hormone Therapy: lack of energy, poor libido and endurance gradually disappear and make us usually get to the doctors and wait for their verdict. But that in fact also the classic symptoms of a lack of hormones. The production of oestrogen and progesterone in women and testosterone in men regularly fall from the age of 35 onward. Doctors fight the ageing tend to give women in menopause prescription pills hormone testosterone and claim that happen to have a big improvement, more than women who take oestrogen and progesterone pills only.

8. Anti - Wrinkle: We are all exposed to sunlight, uneven and results appear on our skin at an advanced age - wrinkles, micro - cracks and brown spots lines on our face that what is in fact only a part of the ageing process, ageing and that may make us feel bigger than our lives . 95% of these phenomena source of exposure to the sun. There are a variety of treatments of cosmetics that fights wrinkles, ranging from creams and even deep exfoliation treatments. , Search your budget and decided which one suits you.


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