Learn Arabic Through English To Understand Quran | Madina Book (Duroosul Lughatil Arabiya) 2 Lesson 1 Full

The Total Lessons of Madina Book (Duroosul Lughatil Arabiya) Part-2 is 31 :

Madina Book 2 Lesson 1 Full

Learn Arabic with Grammer through English to Understand the Holy Quran, Hadith Shareef, and Islamic Literature. Madina Book (Duroosul Lughatil Arabiyyah Lighairinnaatiqeena biha) Part 2 Lesson 1 Full Completely is in very easy way for English Student. Note for Viewer Kindly take a note book and write the important point during the class for your Practice purpose.
Note: Take a Text Book of Duroosul Lughatil Arabia Lighairinnaatiqeena biha Part – ii. This book is in the syllabus of Senior Diploma in Modern Arabic, Osmania University, Hyderabad, India.
If you have a book, kindly open and see. If not so just watch the video and write the important note, vocabulary and translation of Arabic to English in your note book. If you not see below properly, so kindly zoom your computer or Mobile and see clearly.

Let us go to the Lesson No. 1 Topic: Inna and its Sisters (وأخواتها إن) ‘inna wa ‘akhwatiha

* The difference between إنّ and أنّ:
Uses of إنّ (inna):
Follows قال to mean “to say that”
May come at the beginning of a sentence, for emphasis; like “indeed”
Uses of أنّ (anna):
Reports factual information after a verb of perception — أنّ اعتقد (to believe that); أنّ سمع (to hear that) — or a verb of communication — أنّ أعلن (to announce that); أنّ ذكر (to mention that). If you not understand this text so leave it, just focus on the video only and practice well.
Important Note: Practice is compulsory to learning the Arabic language, until unless you could not achieve your goal. After the lesson you should have to read and write in your notebook at-least 1-2 hours.
Appeal: Humble Request
Being a Muslim it is must to spread saying (Ahadith) of the Beloved Prophet (ﷺto each and every one for which one will be rewarded both in this world and life hereafter.Thank You, Jazakallah khair for reading this note do share it.


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