What is Angel | Types – Believe in Angels | Faith

What is Angel | Types – Believe in Angels | Faith

Angel Types Believe Faith

What is Angels

1. The Angels are the obedient creatures of the Almighty-Allah (God)

2. The Almighty-Allah (God) has created them from the divine light.

3. They are present (1) (spread in the sky & earth) but they are invisible

4. They are innocent & no sins are committed by them.

5. They are free from sex as they are neither male nor female (2).

6. They are free from body needs such as eating, drinking etc.

7. They are always engaged in prayers, praises & glorification of the Almighty Allaah (God).

8. Most of them are entrusted with the duties of the universe.

9. They discharge the duties entrusted to them without any dereliction.

Among them 4 Angels are aspiring & prominent.


1. Gabriel (Jibril -‘Alaihis Salaam) who brought revelations (3) of the Almighty Allaah (God) to His messengers & prophets.


2. Michael (Mikail-Alaihis Salaam) is entrusted to send the rain & to distribute the food to the creature.

3. Israfil (Israfil-Alaihis Salaam) who stood holding the trumpets (horn) (4) which he will blow on the dooms day.

4. Izrsa’il (Izrail-Alaihis Salaam) who is appointed to remove the souls of the living beings.


1. They are innumerable & unaccountable except Allaah (God) no one knows their numbers It has come in the Hadith that the entire creature is tenfold. Out of them nine parts comprise of angels & the remaining one comprises of the entire creature.

2. It is evident from the Holy Quran that they have got two, three & four wings. They have no fixed features & can appear in any form & shape.

3. The orders of Almighty-Allaah (God) which are sent down on prophets through Jibril or in any other method are known as revelations.

4. Gigantic thing shaped like Horn.

Believe in Angels

Aisha (RadhiyAllaahu Anhu) narrated that the Prophet (SallAllaahu ‘Alaihi-Wa-Sallam) Said: “Angels were created from light, Jinn were created from smokeless fire, & Adam was created from that which has been described to you (in the Quran & Sunnah).” [Muslim]

Believe in angels, according to what has been revealed concerning them in the Quran & Sunnah, is one of the pillars of imaan. The angles are the noble servants of Allaah; they do as He commands & never disobey. They are beings created from light, neither male nor female. They do not have fathers, mothers, mates, or children. Their sustenance is the remembrance & glorification of Allaah. They act without restriction in creation according to what Allaah has permitted for them.

10 Angels we are informed by name about & its duties are:

types and duties of angels

Jibril: Had the duty to dispense revelation to the Messengers of Allah.

2) Mikail: In charge of rain.

3) Israfil: In charge of blowing the horn on the Day of Judgment.

4) Izrail: The angel of death, in charge of taking souls from their bodies.

5, 6) Munkar & Nakeer: The angels that question the dead in the graves.

Questions in the grave

Q 1. Who! Is! Your! Creator?

A. Allah

Q 2. What! Is! Your! Religion?

A. Islam

Q 3. Who! Was! Your! Prophet! &! What! Did! You! Say! About! Him?

A. Muhammad is the True Messenger of Allah. Ask questions in the grave.

7, 8) Raqeeb & Ateed: The angels that record the good & bad deeds.

9) Ridhwaan: The gatekeeper of Paradise.

10) Maalik: The gatekeeper of the Fire.

The virtue of belief in angels is that it helps us to appreciate the dignity of Allah, His might & His sovereignty. It helps instill gratitude toward Allah because He put some of the angels in charge of His servants, recording their deeds, protecting them & praying for them. We also love & admire the angels because of their worshiping Allah in the best possible manner & because they pray for the believers.

I think know you get some informative information very well what is angels and its Believe, and how many types.

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Being a muslim it is must to spread saying (Ahadith) of Prophet (PBUH) to each and every one for which one will be rewarded both in this world and life hereafter.

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