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the six pillars of Iman (faith) in Islam

what are the six (6) pillars of iman (faith) the pillars of iman are those things that are believed in, in Islam. Iman means faith. there are six (6) pillars of faith. these pillars consist of:

1) belief in allah (god)

of course the first pillar is the belief in the all-powerful, most beneficent. believing in allah above all else is the first and most important. its not only belief in allah alone but in the way He is described through the quran and the ahadith (sayings) of prophet mohammed (peace be upon him). this also includes all 99 names of allah the al-mighty

2) belief in his angels

the second pillar of iman is the belief in allah’s angels. the angels are messengers of allah. They are not his children as some may think. they were created from light and were created, before human, for the purpose of worshipping allah. they can also appear in the shape of a man if so ordered to do so. some of the angels’ names, that we know of, are jibrail, mikail, israfil, and malik. they have many jobs such as guardians, gatekeepers, and trumpeters. full information in english click here

3) belief in his messengers

the third pillar is the belief in allah’s messengers. i know of twenty-five (25) prophets mentioned in the quran. these prophets are: elishia, job, david, dhul-kifl, aron, hud, abraham, enoch, elias, jesus, isaac, ishmael, lot, moses, noah, salih, shuaib, solomon, ezra, jacob, john, jonah, joseph, zachariya, muhammad. it is said that there are numerous others leading up to 313. muhammad is the last and final prophet and there will be none after he. it is our duty as muslims to send salaams (the peace and blessings of allah) when mentioning the names of any of the prophets.

4) belief in his books

the fourth pillar of iman is the belief in the books of allah. here it is the belief that at the time when these books were sent down they truly were a message from allah. allah has descended many sacred books over his prophets so that they can teach their followers about the rules of the faith (Islam). there are 104 renewed, small and big, sacred books but irrespective of their number, it is compulsory for every muslim to bring faith over all. and there are four big and famous sacred books are:
throat: descended upon prophet moses (As).
zaboor: descended upon prophet david (As).
injeel (bible): descended upon prophet jesus (As).
quran : descended upon prophet muhammad (peace be upon him)

note: quran is the last and complete and final book which supersedes all other sacred books. now no sacred book will descend till the dooms day. till the end of this world the same rules and orders prescribed in the koran will be valid.
“what is quran: literally, “that which is often recited.” w web of rhythm and meaning, the words of which throb through muslim worship and which, at every point in the believer’s life, break surface, sanctifying existence with the scent of eternity.” [abdul waded shalabi in “islam – religion of life”]
the quran represents the fountainhead of divine guidance for every muslim. its revelation to the prophet muhammad (peace be upon him), and his practical implementation of the revelation, completed god’s blessing for humanity, in providing us with a belief and value system that is valid for all times.
the quran confirms the revelations given to earlier prophets, though these might not be accessible to us, in the form they were originally revealed. the most sublime poetry in any language, and a rational message that directly appeals to the human heart, have caused this divine book to move nations and civilizations. it will continue to guide those who turn to god with a sincere heart, for all times.

5) belief in the last day
the fifth pillar of faith in the belief in the last day. this is the day of accounting for all deeds; evil or good, big or small. In our lives we need to believe that all we do will have bearing on the last day. no one but allah knows when this day will come, so it is up to us to live each day as if it was our last.

6) belief in al-qadar (pre-ordainment)

the last pillar of iman is the belief in pre-ordainment. what this means is that everything in our lives is already written. it is our duty to know that whatever allah wills will occur. also He is the creator of everything including our deeds. allah knows our past, present, and future. our lives are set, but that does not mean that we strive any less toward perfection.

these pillars are the groundfloor of our faith as muslims, considering the fact that the pillars of islam are our foundation. having the belief in all of this means that you understand islam and in that understanding your faith is true.


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