What is Islam - Muslim Religion Facts Beliefs Faith

What is Islam - Muslim Religion Facts Beliefs Faith

What is Islam - Muslim Heavenly Religion Beliefs Faith | Facts About Islam
Bismillah Walhamdulillah Was Salaatu Was Salaam 'ala Rasulillah
As-salaamu `alaykum wrb,
Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds; and may His blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Syyedina Muhammad Sallallahu Alayhi wa Sallama and upon all his Family and Companions.

What Is Islam

What Is Islam

Islam is a heavenly religion and it is meant for the whole of mankind.

ISLAM (Belief):- Obeying the orders of Allah & His Messenger is called Islam (One affirming the belief is called a Muslim)
Explains all the procedures of living from cradle to the grave and supersedes all other Religions.
Every Nabi (Messenger of Allah) brought message of islam on earth. Similarly Adam (AS) also brought the message of islam on earth. The knowledge of everything present on this earth was taught to him.
(Eg. Its names and its advantages and disadvantages). Hence the language we speak, the things we eat, the knowledge of each and every creative of this world is brought to us from Adam (AS).
Proof: Atlas ul Quran, pg: 27, Tibrani (Published Darussalaam, Riyaz, Jeddah). Quran Shareef Sureh Baqarah, Ayat:36, Tafseer Qazin nama pg: 330, Sureh Al – Imran:19, Sureh Maida: 13, Islamic Encyclopedia – Pg: 20, 22, 822, 832.

The Greatness of Islam | Religion Beliefs - About Islam Facts

Islam is the religion of peace, safety and equity and order good behavior towards parents.
Islam orders to do one’s duty towards Allah and his creations and lays down the rules for the husband and wife to live happily with each others.
Islam stresses the importance of keeping the neighbors happy and order to look after the sick compassionately.

What is Islam | Muslim Religion Beliefs In Almighty Allah

AllahThe creator of all worlds and feeder who is unique in his qualities and unparalleled.
Q)1: Does Allah Subhana Wa Ta'la have any partners?
A) No! Allah (S.W.T) is One and has no partners.
Q) 2: Since when has Allah Subhana Wa Ta'la existed & for how long will He continue to exist?
A) Allah (S.W.T) has always existed and will continue to exist forever.
Q) 3: Who has created all that is present in the universe?
A) Allah(S.W.T) has created all that is present in the universe.
Q) 4: Who nourishes everyone?
A) Allah (S.W.T) nourishes everyone.
Q) 5: Who provides sustenance to everyone?
A) Allah (S.W.T) provides sustenance to everyone.
Q) 6: Can Allah Subhana Wa Ta'la have a bad attribute?
A) Certainly not! A bad attribute is a fault and Allah (S.W.T) is Free from all faults.
Noor e Muhammadi: Allah Ta’la in the first instant created the light of Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh).
Arsh (Throne): It is zenith which is above all the skies from where the angels get the order of Allah. The opposite of Arsh is Sharah.
Sharah (Law): The orders of Allah and Prophet are called Sharah or Shariat.
Angels: Angels are created by the light. Jins are created by fire. Man is created by soil.
Rasool (Messenger): Rasool is granted new book and new shariat whereas Nabi is sent to review the old shariat.
Wahi (Revelation): Those Messengers of Allah which descended through the angel over the Rasool.
Miracle: It is done by Rasool or Nabi.
Karishma or Karaamat (Dignity): It is done by a Auliya Allah (Friends of Allah).
Faith: To believe and admit with tongue and follow the things coming from Allah & Rasool is known as faith.
Obligation: It means that one should perform Namaz in such a way that was must think that we are looking at Allah or at least think so much that Allah is looking at us.
Karaman Katibeen: They are those angels who are attached to each other & every person who write all his good & bad acts.
Munkir Nakeer: They are those angels which ask question to every dead person in the graveyard.
Grave: To bury or burn to ashes or to be in the stomach of any animal or to be drowned in water, all these conditions means grave.
Qayamat or Dooms day: On this day the whole universe will be destroyed and all the dead person will be given new birth & it is the day of the justice with everyone is known as Qayamat.
Balance: On the day of qayamat this balances is used to weight the good and bad deeds.
House e Kausar: On the day of qayamat our beloved Prophet (Pbuh) will offer its water to his obedient followers.
Sirath Bridge (pule-sirath): On the day of qayamat a bridge will be placed over the hell which will be sharper than then edge of the sword upon which on many places the principles of Islam will be checked.
Hell: Hell contains unimaginable types of fearful things.
Heaven: Heaven consists of innumerable gifts of God and resting & enjoyments.
Recommendation (Shifa’at): The Fuqra, Saleheen, Ulema and Auliy Allah of Ummat e Muhammadia will recommend the cases of sinful persons on the day of qayamat.
The great recommendation  (Shifa’at e kubra): Our beloved Prophet (Pbuh) will not only recommend all the men of the qayamat but even will recommend for all the Prophets.
Medium (Waseela): It is permissible and through our good deeds or through the medium of Prophets or saints.
Wali (Allah’s Friend): A medium can become Wali, if God wills, by following the orders of Allah, Rasoolullah and being obedient and loyal by performing all orders with heart & soul.
Kashf and ilham (Discoveries and inspiration): Wali Allah is revealed upon them in condition of being awake or in dream certain secret things. This is only known as kashf and ilham.
Ayimma: 1. Hanafi, 2. Shafai, 3. Malki, 4. Hambali. All these 4 Imams are true saint. Thus Muslim follow any one of them as his imam.
Follow: One should only follow any one of the above imams and should never derogate other imams.
Sheikh: There are many shaikhs but out of them there are 4 renowned Shaikhs namely: 1. Quadri, 2. Naqshbandi, 3. Chisti and 4. Soharvardi.
Shariyat e Muhammadi: The foundation of Shariyate Muhammadi is based on 2 Principles:
1.  Amar: Do’s the order to do a thing like prayer (Namaz, Fasting etc…). It is of four types Farz, Wajib, Sunnat and Nafil.
2.   Nahi: Don’ts the order not to do a thing like not to do burglary, not to drink alcohol, not to back-bite, not to cheat etc.
About Islam Facts Given Below
The order of Islam Facts is in force on the whole of the earth and the equally binding on all humanity.
The order of Islam will be in force till the Day of Judgment.
Islam is a simple, easy and practical religion. 
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PILLARS OF ISLAM:- The pillars of Islam (The things on which the structure of Islam is standing) are five.
1. Monotheism and affirmation of Messengership (Testifying that Allah is one and Hazrat Mohammed (Peace be upon him) is the Holy Messenger of Allah.
2. Saying Prayers (Namaz) Five times prayers is compulsory(On Friday instead of mid day prayers (Zohr salat) congregational prayers is compulsory (Farz)).
3. Fasting (Roza) in the complete month of Ramazan, fasting is compulsory.
4. Zakat Payment A person in possession of wealth more than the minimum holding (The minimum of gold 60 grams. and 755 milligram. and for silver 425 grams and 285 milligram. or equal to any one of them or cash available (the detailed payment of zakat is to be seen in the relevant books.) for one year is compulsory for him to pay on the expiry of one year a fixed amount to the poor.
5. Haj Pilgrimage Based on the capacity Haj is compulsory once in the entire lifetime.
Descended In India
Hazrat Adam (As) descended from Jannat directly on the mountains of Srandeep (Sri Lanka) on 10th of Muharram night of Aashura. Hence the mountain is also called as ADAMS PEAK. It is also called as foot prints of Adam (As) are found on it.
Havva (As) is a Wife of Hazrat Adam (As) and she were descended in JEDDAH (Saudi Arabia).
The End of Prophet Hood
One lakh twenty four thousand Prophets have come since Hazrat Adam (as) till Hazrat Esa (as).
Our prophet Hazrat Sayyiduna Muhammad Rasoolullah (SAWS) was sent as the last Prophet for the entire humanity till the Day of Judgment.
No Prophet or Nabi will come till the Day of Judgment now. If someone claims to be a Prophet, he shall be deemed as a liar, cheat or a fake and shall be ordained to be killed.
Adam Peak
In the south of Sri Lanka 20Kms South West of Colombo a mountain named Adam (As) Peak is situated.
Adams Footprints
The footprints of Adam (As) measured 5’4” Long and 2’6” wide is found on the mountain.
Adams Bridge
From Sri Lanka to India a series of sand landslides are present from onto which Hazrat Adam (AS) used to pass through. Hence it is called as Adams Bridge.
Completed In Arab
On 27th Of Ramadan, Monday night about 610 AD in the cave of Hira, Quran started descending and this continued for the period of 23 years and completed on 10 if Zil Hajja 632 AD. In Islam rules and regulations from birth to death are given.
Islam on the basis of its authenticity has been challenging the world for past 1400 years. Islam is the religion descended from the sky, and if anyone has any doubts on it, make and bring at least a single verse of Quran. Alhamdulillah no one had the capacity to stand against the declaration.
Islam is an everlasting religion till the dooms day and doors of success in life and means of forgiveness for fruitful aqirah.
Proof: Sureh Al – Alaq, Ayat: 1-5,  Al – Maidah: 19, Al – Imran: 19, Al – Baqarah: 12-25
Extended In The World
Allah Ta’la has descended Islam for the whole mankind.
Islam is a congregation of peace, brotherhood, truthfulness and happiness. Due to its truthfulness and authenticity and greatness Islam extended throughout the world. Today also it is extending in the world will extend till the dooms day.
No one can destroy Islam because Allah Ta’la himself has taken the responsibility of protecting Islam. (Sureh Al – Hajar, Ayat:9, Sureh Al – Baqarah).
Being a muslim it is must to spread saying (Ahadith) of Prophet (PBUH) to each and every one for which one will be rewarded both in this world and life hereafter.

What is Islam - Muslim Religion Facts Beliefs Believe Faith

What is Islam

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