Allergy Prevention Treatment and Therapies

 Allergy Prevention Treatment and Therapies

Allergy Treatment

The treatment of allergies include:
  • Avoid allergens
  • Use of medications to relieve symptoms
  • Eating immunotherapy
  • Use of adrenaline (epinephrine) in emergency situations.

Prevention Of Allergies

Prevention of allergic sensitivity to the type of stop. The general guidelines for the prevention of allergies include the following recommendations:

  • Avoid common allergens - Almarjh substances known and commonly include, typically: Airborne allergens out of the house, at home or in the workplace, certain foods, some insects and some medicines. Certain symptoms of allergies appear and exacerbated by extreme heat or stress.
  • The development of a medical alarm bracelet - for people who already appeared to have a reaction to the sharp and severe allergies.

Alternative Therapies

A few scientific studies have shown that a useful alternative therapies in the treatment of allergies, but there are those who say it helps relieve allergy symptoms only, it helps in reducing the symptoms of allergies.

Allergy treatment through drugs, Herbal remedies and food additives include:marigold, choline), seal the golden (or: Root Orange - Golden Seal), nettles, belladonna (or: Six-Hassan - Belladona) and Bromelain (Bromelain - extracted from pineapple). It includes allergy treatment alternative ways too: probiotics (Probiotics - min / bacterial organisms when ingested in adequate quantities to give the benefit), acupuncture and hypnosis.

Sensitivity To Drugs

Drug Allergy

Despite the importance of medicines for treatment, but it may cause side effects, constitute a sensitivity of 10% of them. It is intended allergy medicines, occurrence of backlash undesirable, because these drugs, by the immune system of the patient. Among all patients treated with the same kind of medicine, we find the small percentage of them, only, rose a real reaction from allergies, note that the phenomenon of the reaction of the real sensitivity does not appear in the first time that the patient's body is exposed to the drug, but in subsequent times.

Allergies linked to prospects for the emergence of the drug by several factors:

1. The chemical composition of the drug. For example, can Penicillin and Alsolva (sulfa) be highly sensitive than other types of antibiotics, and the same applies to drugs used to treat Epilepsy. The cause of different chemical compounds, pharmaceutical different reactions from allergies. In a true allergy symptoms linked to the immune response.

Rose relevant stimuli act biggest danger occurs when the immune system of the patient, activated by anti-IgE to resist the type of medication. In this case, when the patient's medication addresses the second time, this will lead to antibiotic medication link and activate a chain reaction resulting in the end for the secretion of a large amount of histamine and other materials. The result of these materials to the immediate effects of the sensitivity (appears within minutes and even hours of taking the drug). These are called the reaction Anaphylactic.

There are other immune reactions occur when antibodies are generated from the two types of IgG and IgM. And show these reactions within a few days of starting treatment. What distinguishes it is the appearance of the rash , and accompanied, at times, high fever, damage to internal organs.

There is another type of immune response, it appears at the cellular level. And it participates in the reaction of these immune system cells, in particular (as opposed to antibodies in other kinds of reactions). It reflected this reaction, in particular, the occurrence of inflammation caused by skin contact (Contact Send an dermatitis ) and that appears after a few days (at least two) of the skin comes into contact with the drug or any other substance.

2. doubles the likelihood of allergic reaction if the patient is taking the medicine in tight times.

3. exacerbated by the possibility of allergic reaction in the event of eating large amounts of the drug.

4. increasing the likelihood of allergic reaction if the drug was leaked through a vein.

5. increasing the likelihood of allergic reaction if there was a similar reaction in the past.

6. Contrary to popular belief, the medical history of the family on a certain drug allergies, not increases the risk of injury to other family members allergies.

The most common allergies are "rash", which appears red and soft-coloured (such as measles). The rash appears, in general, between several days and two weeks since the start of taking the drug. It is almost certain that its causes are the immune system cells located in the skin that respond to the drug. In most cases, the skin is the only member who become infected. And usually it resolves rashes after you stop taking the medication. You must go to the doctor in the event of the appearance of the rash. If the rash is accompanied by itching, the treatment by antibiotics Alheistambn may be effective. In serious cases, it requires the use of steroid type of cortisone.

In rare cases accompanied by rash blisters (filled with fluid) and painful wounds in the mouth. These are the signs of the emergence of Stevens-Johnson syndrome (Stevens - Johnson syndrome) (multiform - erythema multiforme) erythema. In such cases you must resort to the doctor as soon as possible.

The most dangerous allergies are those called anaphylactic reaction. It is the reaction caused by antibodies of the type that IgE. In this reaction it appears, in general, the following symptoms: redness, itchy skin, red lesions in the form of bites, swelling of the throat, shortness of breath, wheezing, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain , feeling of tiredness and loss of consciousness. The appearance of these symptoms should go as soon as the emergency room and patient adrenaline injection. If they are not treating this case it is likely the patient's death.

Most of these responses anaphylactic occur after one hour of taking the medication. Sometimes the reaction be partial and show some of the symptoms only.

In the event of an unexpected reaction you should inform your physician. Your doctor will evaluate the reaction if the same qualities of sensitivity or not. In the event of sensitivity at the time that it dealt with more than one drug, the doctor can estimate the type of medication that cause allergies. In general, the medicine that is suspected him to be a drug that the patient began taking it several days ago, and is not covered by the medicine for the first time. Usually, it does not lead drugs covered by the patient for a period of sustained and chronic (such as blood pressure drugs and aspirin for the emergence of an allergic reaction.

The first step that must be followed is to stop taking the drug suspect and try to ease the symptoms. And follow-up treatment, usually, replacement medication, which led to the emergence of the reaction, a different drug in terms of the building. In special cases, the patient's doctor decides to convert to review the cases of a specialist allergy and immunology in order to assess his condition. After a test of the skin, it can be competent to the doctor, to confirm or refute doubts about the existence of allergies. 

These tests are available to the department of medicine which is effective in identifying the antibodies of the type of IgE. In some rare cases in which confirmed the presence of antibodies of the IgE type and a drug is necessary, it is possible to do a process of desensitisation which are neutralised sensitivity to the drug, temporarily, by low doses of treatment, be increased gradually until reaching the full dose. It is this operation only during hospitalisation at the hospital.

In cases where the test is not available to the skin, the allergist test challenge, so give the medication to the patient is very low doses, and then gradually increase the amount. Challenge testing is performed in the hospital, only, according to the terms of emergency treatment, and through intensive monitoring of the patient's condition.

In large part from allergies to the drug, there is a need to conduct a broad investigation in order to identify the medication that causes the allergy. In the majority of cases it is described another drug or resorting to desensitisation, so that it is eventually required to continue treatment with the drug, without sensitivity effects.


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