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Growth Hormone . . Anti-Ageing Hormone

The human body growth depends on the growth hormone responsible for the body develops from one stage to another, from childhood to adulthood and adulthood until physical maturity is completed, then move on the role of growth hormone to do for repair and renewal to maintain vital tissues and organs, and continues the role of growth hormone over life to maintain bone strength, muscle tension, Almagah jobs, and the safety of skin and hair.

Symptoms Of A Lack Of Growth Hormone With Age:

Growth hormone begins to decline with age, since at least the level of growth hormone when they reach the age of sixty-quarter levels, leading to lower other hormones in the body, called the signs of ageing and age, namely:

- Osteoporosis.
- Thinning of the skin and wrinkled.
- The weakness of muscle strength.
- The accumulation of fat.
- The weakness of the functions of the heart.
- Palaces immune system.
- Thinning hair.
- The weakness of sexual function.
- Lack of stamina and activity.

The growth hormone of the most powerful hormones in the body, they can compensate for the lack body 's production of the hormone hormones compensatory vital to reduce the symptoms of ageing, as it found that hormone replacement therapy for hormones testosterone and oestrogen works to increase muscle mass, vital mental and physical functions, restore the skin young, and when you add growth hormone increases the positive impact in maintaining youth.

Safe Use Of Growth Hormone:

Growth hormone plays an important role within an integrated program to combat ageing and so Moisanh with diet and exercise , and lifestyle , which works to adjust and balance the effects of growth hormone in the body, and in line with other hormones to achieve its purpose impact, which is shown successfully in therapies hormonal compensatory.

Age Groups Are Candidates For The Treatment Of Growth Hormone: 

It is not available to measure growth hormone in the body as it is released in the form of pulses of the pituitary gland, at a rate of 5-6 beats per day also be its fastest pace in the period before sleep, with an estimated per elderly Tinpot or three a day, and can be difficult to measure excretion rate in the event of rising and falling Ongoing, it is necessary to use the smallest dose of hormone replacement therapy for growth to balance other hormones in the body.

The Recommended Doses Of Growth Hormone: 

Growth hormone is made up of a complex protein molecule, making it difficult to digest the stomach, so its use is described by injection once or twice a week, so as to simulate the secretion of the pituitary gland in the form of bursts, resulting in several small donations per day.

Side Effects Of The Treatment Of Growth Hormone: 

Produced in the past for treatment at high doses, causing:
- Carpal tunnel syndrome.
- Arthritis .
- High blood pressure .
- Heart problems.
- Fluid retention in the body, but it is a temporary display until adapt to the body with the doses. 

Although these effects resulting from the use of replacement therapy for growth hormone, however, must balance the benefits arising from the use and effects of the deficiency in the body, since the hormone levels in the body after the age of forty become less than the level Allotment him, so early its use Harmon compensatory means the resulting increase interest rates, as the benefits of a more profound effects than those that are at a minimum.

Growth Hormone Alternatives: 

Proved that the use of amino acids, Alorzininin, Elysian, thorniness works to increase growth hormone level, where the Anomaly acids longer is a molecule consisting of proteins, which means strengthening the instigator of growth hormone exercise-stream, and contains the majority of diuretics secretion on an amino acid or more with herbs and extracts carcinoma works Alert on growth hormone.

Ways To Increase Growth Hormone Naturally: 

- Exercise: promotes the secretion of growth hormone, is recommended after eating two hours before the performance of the exercise, or eating feeders editor of the hormone before workout. 

- Fasting: stimulates the secretion of growth hormone, which duration ranging between 12-24 hours, which can Ciabatta stop eating starting at 8 pm until 8 am the next morning. 

- Avoid complex manufacturing: containing white flour, refined sugar food, which leads to Artagaa blood sugar quickly , which is followed by the insulin flow, both of them working on the inhibition of growth hormone. 

- Reduce stress: where that stress accelerates the appearance of ageing, it is also working to increase IGF-1 inhibitor of growth hormone.


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