Can You Fight Aging by Healthy Nutrition

What do you do in order to fight against ageing and for the appearance of youth for a long time? Apparently, there is no need to go out for cork, most of what you have to do is a healthy nutrition.

We all know the health benefits in maintaining healthy nutrition and exercise,with a proper diet keeps our health and the work of a sound internal organs that are needed, such as the heart, liver and kidneys. It also reduces the risk of diseases such as heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes . But it seems that healthy nutrition do not maintain our body from the inside but only from the outside, too. It may give us proper nutrition and maintaining a balanced diet, showing a youth for as long as it could help us to fight against ageing and slow down the signs that characterise ageing in our body.

So how do we fight ageing with the help of proper nutrition?

Maintaining the skin

The skin is the largest organ in the body, and show him all the changes that occur in our body and external influences such as sun damage, smoking, allergies and ageing body. Therefore, we maintain it plus interest to be the main responsible for our appearance youth. Sun damage and smoking appear on the skin at a relatively early age, making us show order to realise more of our generation.

Lead healthy nutrition sound, which includes all kinds of vitamins, to protect our skin from the damage sun's ultraviolet rays UV, as it constitutes a protective natural skin from the sun. And, of course, are not vitamins alone to protect the skin from damage, exposure to sunlight and avoid skin diseases and cancer , but it increases the skin strength and with the help of the means of prevention to keep it from wrinkles and skin spots caused by the sun 's rays.

You can get vitamins from various fruits and vegetables that we eat, so it is advisable to eat five types of them with different colour in one day. Sources to get vitamin A (Vitamin A) are: carrots, apricots, peaches, sweet potatoes, spinach and broccoli. The sources of vitamin D (Vitamin D) and calcium are: 

milk products. Featuring the importance of calcium and vitamin D in the elderly that they contribute to maintaining strong bones and prevent fractures in them. Vitamin C (Vitamin C) of particular importance in maintaining the tissues and the skin texture. You can get vitamin C (Vitamin C) of citrus, tomatoes and kiwi. Your best source of vitamin J (Vitamin E) is the avocado, which also plays an important role in maintaining the appearance Nader skin. You can get vitamin (E) of the many cosmetic skin care because of the characteristics that distinguish them.

Sleep is also an important factor for the success of the fight against ageing In order one seems younger, where the skin heals itself during sleep, regenerate skin cells and seems less tired and leaner after a good sleep. It's also important to remember the great contribution of smoking to get older skin and burdensome, as well as that cause the appearance of facial wrinkles prematurely.

Constitute the best fruits and vegetables for vitamins & antioxidants source. 

 Can You Fight Aging by Healthy Nutrition

Antioxidants are considered the main warrior on healthy nutrition against damage that occurs to us with time. Oxidation process leading to the move of free radicals in accordance with the desire in our body, which result in many of the damage, such as growth of cancer cells, the appearance of the signs of ageing, the emergence of damage to the immune system and others. The antioxidants to fight free radicals that slows down the appearance of the signs of ageing.

The main source for antioxidants is vitamin (E), is therefore advisable to eat 15 milligrams of it a day. The other vitamins are also a good source of antioxidants supplied.

Keeping a healthy weight at an early age to maintain a healthy body inside and out for many years. In addition, people who have suffered from obesity and they have to cut their weight thanks to diet, suffer from sagging skin, which gives them a manifestation of a more advanced age. In order to get rid of this excess skin, surgery must be done to tighten the skin. As lead repetitive diets and increased weight loss, with the passage of time, to the emergence of wrinkles and Lift the skin with stretch marks.

Therefore, in order to avoid this, it is important to maintain body weight and must educate our children on proper nutrition from the moment they start to eat the solid food. Today is the childhood obesity epidemic in the Western world. It is likely that children who suffer from excessive obesity will not be attained old age and will show more order to realise, despite his young age.

Do genes affect our appearance?

Of course, but that does not mean you give in to genes. Balthazar a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle can fight ageing and control the damage that occurs to us with the time it is due to genetic factors.


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