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Important Information About the Month of Safar ul Muzaffar

What does Islam say about taking something as unlucky or inauspicious? What do the Holy? Quran and Hadith say about them month of Safar, which many people believe is unlucky Islam is a religion of truth and veracity. It has illuminated the whole world with the radiance of monotheism and Prophet Hood and has ended all kinds of fallacious and polytheistic customs and rituals. One among the fallacious beliefs of the days of ignorance (the pre-Islamic) days was that people believed that the month of Safar (the 2nd month in the Islamic calendar) was unlucky. They actually believed that because of the coming of this month, they would be entangled in difficulties and their finances and livelihoods would be affected as well. They held the belief that because of this month, they would get diseases and that nothing new should be started in this month. More Good and evil, and the will of Allah In reality, Almighty Allah is the One who grants all good. He is the One who endows comfort and solace. He …

What is Hijab in Islam? Every Muslims Have Must Read This Topic in Any Language in this Blog

What is Hijab
Come from the root word “hajaba” to cover from view or to conceal covering as appeared behind a curtain modest covering of Muslim women. Hijab forces a man to look at a woman with respect rather than as object. Hijab is a headscarf, not a veil, hides the hair, ears and neck. Only the oval shape of the face is visible. And it is not a piece of cloth on your head; it’s a way of life. Wearing hijab with tons of makeup, high heels and tight clothes. That’s not hijab. Another meaning of hijab is duties given to both men and women in this area relate to looking at each other. “Say to the believing men to cast down their look and guard their private parts”. Q: 24-30 Hijab is an act of Obedience to the creator, Honor & Dignity, Belief & Faith, Purity, Bashfulness, Righteousness, and a Shield.

Watch Lecture about Hijab (Pardah) In Urdu and English: “Modesty is the crown of a Muslimah”

Types of Hijab: Burqa: The burqa is the most concealing of all Islamic veils. It covers the entire…

Find Halal-Haram Permitted And Prohibited Animals & Birds in Islam

A Chart of Permitted And Prohibited Animals in IslamS. NoName of the animalOrder1Martin, SwallowHalal2Owl Note: To some Islamic Juristists it is lawful.Haram3CamelHalal4StagHalal5FalconHaram

Watch Islamic Video Lecture in Urdu & English. Topic: What is Hell?

Online Islamic Video

Watch Islamic Video online.

What is Hell (Jahannam)

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The five | 5 Pillars of Islam

The 5 Five Pillar of Islam are five basic acts in Islam. The 5 Pillars of Islam are the framework of the Muslim life.  They are the testimony of faith (Shahadah) Salat (prayer), Zakah  (support of the needy), fasting (Roza) during the month of Ramadhan, & the Pilgrimage to Mecca once in a lifetime for those who are able. More Click Here