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What is Hijab

Come from the root word “hajaba” to cover from view or to conceal covering as appeared behind a curtain modest covering of Muslim women.
Hijab forces a man to look at a woman with respect rather than as object.
Hijab is a headscarf, not a veil, hides the hair, ears and neck. Only the oval shape of the face is visible. And it is not a piece of cloth on your head; it’s a way of life.
Wearing hijab with tons of makeup, high heels and tight clothes. That’s not hijab.
Another meaning of hijab is duties given to both men and women in this area relate to looking at each other. “Say to the believing men to cast down their look and guard their private parts”. Q: 24-30
Hijab is an act of Obedience to the creator, Honor & Dignity, Belief & Faith, Purity, Bashfulness, Righteousness, and a Shield.

Watch Lecture about Hijab (Pardah) In Urdu and English:
“Modesty is the crown of a Muslimah”

Types of Hijab:
Burqa: The burqa is the most concealing of all Islamic veils. It covers the entire face and body, leaving just a mesh screen to see through.
Nikab: The nikab is a veil for the face that leaves the area around the eyes clear. However, this may be obscured by a separate eye veil. It is worn with an accompanying headscarf, such as a khimar.
Chador: Traditional garment worn by Afghanistan and Iran. Full cloak that covers the body and the hair, open at the front. It not obligatory in Islamic countries, unlike the veil.
The Reality of Hijab:
The Laws of Allah, which are for the continuation and safety of the whole humanity and which are true to the human nature, in which all the waysand manners of living from the cradle to the grave are widely explained, Hijab too, is one among them and a very special order of Allah.


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