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Treat hyperactivity disorder and Attention Deficit |

Treat hyperactivity disorder and Attention Deficit
Some people mistakenly believe that the hyperactivity and Attention Deficit Disorder , which affects children usually is an exclusive disorder in childhood, and that the child grows up have been overtaken, only a small proportion of infected symptoms continue to appear to have in adolescence and youth, read more about the treatment of disorder hyperactivity and attention Deficit and methods of diagnosis.

What is Attention Deficit Disorder?
It is a case of a person suffering from a lack of focus and difficulty completing tasks, which makes it difficult for the child's commitment to school and sit in the classroom, and in their youth create problems related to the dispersal of confidence, and fails to keep the job and may even lead to addiction sometimes.
The impact hyperactivity disorder and dispersion of attention on social relations
These symptoms related disorder, hyperactivity and distraction, which appear in the young age threat…

Islamic Health Benefits Uses & Cures in Holy Quran & Hadith

Here you will be taken to the journey of treatment through natural medication known from Qur’an and sayings of Holy Prophet (ﷺ – Peace be upon him). So lets start my sisters, brothers and friends…

These areas will be covered in this category: Kidney pain, clearing the urine &
stomach, facial beauty, increase
immunity, jaundice and reduce cold
effects. Cooling, diuretic, tonic and
vermifuge, diuretic, purgative. Remove kidney and urinary bladder
stone, release intestinal pain, pile,
dyspepsia & anorexia. Heart diseases, diarrhea,
endocarditis, pericarditis, dysentery Strengthen body muscles, slow
down aging, clear the blood, remove
the measlesspot, piles, tuberculosis,
eczema, baldness, kidney pain,
pancreas pain, maleness, common
cold, stomach & respiratory
diseases. skin diseases,
antidote, swelling of kidney,
intestinal pain, heart attack, wound
healer, diarrhea, labour pain, sexual
weakness, stomach pain, piles,
physical strengthing, shrill the
voice, liver disorders. Antidote to …

Dates Health Benefits Uses & Cures in Quran and Ahadith

Family: Arecaceae Genus:  Phoenix
Species: P. dactylifera
English Name: Date palm
Urdu Name: Khajoor or Khajur
Health Benefits/ Uses / Cures:
۩   Boosting Brain Health
۩   Reduced Stroke Risk
۩   A Healthy Pregnancy and Delivery
۩   Promoting Digestive Health
۩   Relieving Constipation
۩   Reduced Blood Pressure
۩   Anti-Inflammatory
۩  Boosting Heart Health
۩  Weight loss
۩  Relieving constipation
۩  supporting regular bowel movements
۩  Promoting heart health
۩  Reducing heart disease risk
۩  Diarrhea
۩  Iron-deficiency anemia
۩  Reducing blood pressure
۩  Impotence
۩  Promoting respiratory and digestive health
۩  Pregnancy deliveries
۩  Hemorrhoid prevention
۩  Chronic conditions such as arthritis

Olive (Zaitoon) Health Benefits Uses & Cures in Holy Quran & Ahadith

Note: According to Sayings of Holy Prophet Mohammed (ﷺ – Sallallaho Alaihi Wa’sallam) olive has the cure for 70+ diseases and it is also mentioned in Qur’an. Now let us see the range of its cure.
Order:   Lamiales
Family:  Oleaceae
Genus:  Olea
Species: O. europaea
English Name: Olive
Urdu Name: Zaitoon
Arabic Name: Zaitoon

Health Benefits / Uses / Cures:

۩    Reduced Heart disease risk
۩    Protective effect regarding depression risk
۩    Reduce breast cancer risk
۩    Helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels
۩    Potential to reduce the risk of alzheimer’s disease or related neurodegenerative dementias
۩    Components of extra virgin olive oil can protect from acute pancreatitis
۩    Extra virgin olive oil may protect the liver from oxidative stress
۩    May help protect from ulcerative colitis
۩    Strengthen body muscles
۩    Slow down aging
۩   Clear the blood
۩   Remove the measlesspot
۩   Piles
۩   Tuberculosis
۩   Eczema
۩   Baldness
۩   kidney pain
۩   Pancreas pain
۩   Maleness
۩   Common cold