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 hyperactivity disorder treatment

Treat hyperactivity disorder and Attention Deficit

Some people mistakenly believe that the hyperactivity and Attention Deficit Disorder , which affects children usually is an exclusive disorder in childhood, and that the child grows up have been overtaken, only a small proportion of infected symptoms continue to appear to have in adolescence and youth, read more about the treatment of disorder hyperactivity and attention Deficit and methods of diagnosis.

What is Attention Deficit Disorder?

It is a case of a person suffering from a lack of focus and difficulty completing tasks, which makes it difficult for the child's commitment to school and sit in the classroom, and in their youth create problems related to the dispersal of confidence, and fails to keep the job and may even lead to addiction sometimes.

The impact hyperactivity disorder and dispersion of attention on social relations

These symptoms related disorder, hyperactivity and distraction, which appear in the young age threaten the stability of family and social relations of the patient, especially since many patients are not diagnosed properly only after a long period of social suffering.

Symptoms of hyperactivity disorder and Attention Deficit

The main symptoms of this disorder in the following:

  • ·  Frequent forgetfulness.
  • ·  Lack of attention.
  • ·  Difficulty in completing the tasks entrusted to the person.
  • ·  Rush.
All of these symptoms turn out to influential factors on social relationships and cause an imbalance in the relationship, but it becomes more complicated when children enter the picture.

Is your partner is infected with hyperactivity disorder and distractions?

Difficulty in hearing and give you the full attention

When you sit down with your partner to find it Canst well for you, and you feel that your talk is not important for him, but he finds it difficult to listen to you even finish talking, and this may create a state of lack of communication between you.

Difficulty in ending the tasks entrusted to him

This disorder leads to distraction and loss of the ability to organise your daily tasks and do them properly, you may forget infected by the person birthdays or wedding date, has forgotten to do some tasks entrusted to him Kalmyk the store to payments for purposes; which makes the wife feel a lack of deliberate attention.

The inability to take responsibility

The patient forgets sometimes paying bills, cleaning the park, or detergents may leave in the reach of children, and other behaviors that may translate assume responsibility such as not.

Impulsive violent behavior

Rarely think about living with the disorder in the consequences, which leads to reckless and irresponsible acts, like driving fast with the presence of children in the car.

Reactions exaggerated

It could turn into a slight difference in views to a lengthy argument, where the patient loses his temper very easily and graduated feelings and reactions about the scope of control quickly.

It causes hyperactivity disorder and Attention Deficit

Neurotransmitters happen disturbed, and some believe that genetics plays a role in this disease because it is common in families.

Treat hyperactivity disorder and Attention Deficit

This disorder may pose a significant threat to family relationships, if not diagnosed and treated properly, to take serious steps in the treatment, you must work the following:

1. Are resorting to a psychiatrist specialist to make the diagnosis, and there are several types of treatment may be prescribed by a physician you:

2. Medicines, stimulating drugs help focus by increasing the activity of neurotransmitters (such as dopamine and epinephrine light) within the brain, which are substances that are suspected to cause injury misalignment attention deficit and hyperactivity.

3. Behavioural treatments.

4. Marital counselings that helps people with their focus on improving to deal better with problems.

5. Psychological counselings that focuses on improving the ability to communicate and organise time.

Tips to help you overcome hyperactivity disorder and Attention Deficit

1. A list of tasks to be done daily responsibilities and purposes should be purchased and so on, while retaining the Diary contains the most important dates.
2. Asks the patient to repeat the task required of it to be sure it Astoabh properly.

3. Try to make it easier to deduct your life tasks is necessary or essential to make it easier to remember the basics.

4. Make yourself daily routine easier for you to remember.
Hyperactivity disorder and distract the disease is not limited to children

When most people hear about hyperactivity disorder and distractions , and that comes to their minds that disorder suffered by children and by, but the fact is that 30% - 70% of the infected children carry with them the symptoms of post - puberty.

Diagnosing hyperactivity disorder and Attention Deficit

The injured suffered from the disease of impaired activity of neurotransmitters in controlling brain areas in the function of attention, leading to a process of attention failure and focus in adults, occurring difficulties in career advancement and aspirations and affects their relationships with others, and many of them did not know about his illness as It leaves them in the position of a permanent question about the reason for the difficulty of achieving their goals in life.

Symptoms of hyperactivity disorder and distractions in adults

Followed by the dispersion of the attention and hyperactivity in adults slightly different pattern for children:
  • ·   Adult patients suffering from persistent difficulty timeliness of work.
  • · Unorganised.
  • · Troubled and difficult for them to relax.
  • ·  Some of them have difficulty concentrating while reading.
  • ·  It has also suffered from mood swings, lack of self-confidence.
  • ·  Having difficulty controlling anger.
The impact hyperactivity disorder and distractions at work

Good performance at work may be a difficult task indeed for patients with Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity, such as:
  • ·   Difficulty in completing the tasks assigned to them.
  • ·   Stay organised.
  • ·    Maintain their appointments.
  • ·    The difficulty of retaining their jobs and lower incomes than their peers, as statistics indicate carried out in the United States of America.
The impact hyperactivity disorder and distractions to marry

This disease presents social relationships and marriages of disintegration, and for the following reasons:
  • ·   Little trouble usual social engagements.
  • ·   The difficulty of doing household tasks.
  • ·    Loss of nerve easily.
  • ·    And embarking on a reckless behaviours that increase the risk of separation and divorce.
Mental illness is related to hyperactivity and Attention Deficit Disorder

Although suffering from the symptoms of Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity is frustrating in itself, it may be exposed as well as additional adult patients for psychological problems associated with the condition, such as:
  • ·  Depression .
  • ·  Tension diseases.
  • ·   Obsessive - compulsive disorder .
  • ·   More prone to addiction and smoking.
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People most at risk for hyperactivity disorder and Attention Deficit

Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity does not affect adults without warning, Adults Patients always have a history of symptoms during childhood, you'll find many of them, for example, suffered from low levels of study, even if he had not been diagnosed at the time.

Specialists note that the appearance of symptoms of the disease in childhood increases among boys than girls, but this variation in the prevalence rate disappears in adults.

Diagnosing hyperactivity disorder and Attention Deficit

Many adults do not discovers he has contracted the disorder only when they seek treatment of other psychiatric problems such as depression, turns diagnosis of a doctor during patient on labor and social relations troubles discuss, in order to confirm the diagnosis, it is imperative that the doctor checks for symptoms of the disease during childhood, helps so talk with parents or old medical files.

The role of proper nutrition in the treatment of hyperactivity disorder and Attention Deficit

Confirms specialists that proper nutrition role in treating hyperactivity disorder and distractions and enhance brain capabilities, and suggest the types of protein-rich as a way to improve attention foods, starches such as pasta and rice to alleviate the symptoms of mood swings and increase the body's energy.

It is worth mentioning that many people can treat hyperactivity disorder and distractions and to overcome the symptoms that persist after puberty, perseverance on the long-term treatment and help friends and family.


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