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Definition Azan

Azaan is defined as to inform and to make alert. But according to the Shariat it is a special method, with specific words, to make the people know and to invite them for obligatory prayers (Namaz). Hence it is called Adhan.
Note: -
1. So that all the Muslims gather in the mosque to join the congregational prayers.
2. Person delivering 'Azaan' is called muezzin

The Essence of Azaan:
Azaan is brief but perfect one comprising of auspicious words in which the faith and practice are combined preached. Through these words belief and obligatory deeds are pursued in a decent and perfect manner. Firstly through the words Allahu the greatness and sovereignty of the Almighty Allah Ta'la is proclaimed because he is the greatest of the great. In fact the purpose of announcement of these words is to declare unequivocally that Allah Ta'la alone is entitled for worship (These words are announced loudly four times in adhan continuously in order to cause special effect on the believers which make them alert and divert their attention towards Namaaz  against worldly affairs. These words are more effective than magnetic and electric power). After it the oneness of Allah Ta'la & His holy Messenger is witnessed. Through these words the faith of the believer becomes stronger. In addition it is news of bliss for the entire universe. After it the words Hayya Alal and Hayya Alas are announced loudly to call the people towards Salah and virtuous deeds. These words mean to say come for Salah and for virtuous deeds. The word Falah also stands for success and triumph because after the Salah is performed the result will be well being in this world and hereafter and it is achieved through prayers. Again once more the word
Allahu Akbar is announced twice loudly to show the excellence and sovereignty of Allah. The word La Ilaha stands for ' there is no one to be worshiped'.
These words are used with an intention to alert the people towards dedication for prayers. They will also intend to guide people to always bear in mind that there is no one except Allah to make our destination and our eyes must always caste towards the Omnipotent and the Omnipresence.

Nearness to Allah is our goal. Our physical and spiritual activities are to seek pleasure of Allah only. Azan Starts with the word Allah and completes on the word Allah. The concept of Adhan is now complete. This signifies that Allah is from eternity to eternity and the rest is mortal and will be destroyed. There is a
teaching of firmness in belief and acting thereon. To achieve divine pleasure one should concentrate on prayers by relegating all the worldly affairs and to devote the rest of the life to seek eternal bliss.

Even though Azaan is an invitation by which Muslims are called to perform Salat yet there is a philosophy in it that after hearing the Azan one refreshes his belief and makes it perfect then comes forward for Salat. Belief is compulsory for good deeds in other words for virtues. It is only an introduction to Adhan whereas there are many secrets and blessings of Azaan description of which in detail is beyond our capacity.

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