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"I started practicing Islam two years ago and officially took my shahadah (declaration of faith) a little over a year ago. Before Islam, my life was a mess and full of bad choices, but now I'm completely a different person. I have confidence and feel respected by others. I feel my life has purpose. I feel fulfilled in life-no longer is there an emptiness inside me. Islam is truly the most beautiful, perfect religion and anyone who gets to experience the transition of living a useless, meaningless, materialistic life to living a life filled with happiness, peace, worship is extremely lucky!
Wearing hijab for the first time was scary. I was afraid strangers would say hurtful things to me. But to my surprise, I remember the first time I wore it, I noticed strangers treated me with respect. I lived in a somewhat "ghetto" neighborhood and noticed how men would stare at women's body parts, say inappropriate things to them, they had no respect for them as people and showed them no manners. But as I was covered, I noticed men wouldn't dare look at me in a sexual manner or say anything provocative. They held doors for me, said excuse me, and treated me at a higher standard than the women who dress inappropriately and have no respect for themselves. This is something women need to learn! You will only receive respect and honor if you treat yourself that way! I hope other girls reading this will finally have the courage and be proud to put on the hijab!" - Assia from USA

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