Hijab - Camila from Brazil

World Hijab Day's photo.

"I was always curious about Islam and always felt Islam inside of me even without the knowledge about Islam. Once I visited a mosque in Cairo with a Muslim friend, there, my friend and others started to teach me about Islam. After two hours talking, I took my sahadah. It was the best day of my life, Alhamdulillah.
But I didn't feel I wanted to wear the hijab…So I started praying to Allah in order to make it easy on me and started to read about the hijab. After one month, I started wearing the Hijab and now, I feel so happy and proud of it.
In Brazil, it is difficult. People judge me because I wear the hijab and make jokes, but I don't care because Allah chose me to be a Muslim, and I am so happy with that.
With my hijab, I feel comfortable, happy, and safe."-Camila from Brazil

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