Hijab - Marwa from Egypt


"When I was 13, I was totally against hijab because I wanted to be either a singer or an actress or a TV presenter. All these jobs required no veil at all. My mom and many other people tried hard to convince me to wear it but I was quite stubborn. Then one day I read an article about a Kuwaiti exchange student in the USA. On her graduation, she was honored twice: first for her academic distinction and second for abiding by her hijab in the States.The writer said that the dean descended to give her the certificate and praised her strong faith. I was deeply touched by this story and instantly I decided to wear hijab. Now I feel so grateful and so proud of being identified as a Muslim specially when I travel to western countries and walk around the streets. Thank God for making me a follower of this great religion and for guiding me to the right path."-Marwa from Egypt

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