Hijab - Shameemah from Malawi


"Since birth, I have been staying with my mother and grandparents who were Christians up until when I was 13. During that time, I hated everything to do with Islam. Then my dad took me in for few weeks. With my dad, I said my Shahada but still I didn't want to wear the hijjab. During Fridays, I felt ashamed to wear hijjab when going for jummah prayers. I woudl hide it in my bag and wear it at the door step of the mosque.
It was when I enrolled in college, I felt lost and without identity. I would see my Christian friends being happy with their religion. That was when I started wearing my hijjab and I realized how fortunate I am to be a Muslimah. I now say my hijab!" -Shameemah from Malawi

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