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"Alhamdullilah, it's been three years since I started taking hijab the proper way, and let me tell you, the journey hasn't been an easy one at all. Until now, I didn't understand the real purpose of my hijab, hence there wasn't any consistency and lack of sincerity in the way I wore it.
However, I am not going to continue with my hijab story anymore and would rather talk about something much more important. Dear sisters, can we please please, for the sake of Allah, stop bashing around other sisters for the way they wear their hijab? I see a few sisters comment on posts on this page and on other hijab related posts that are extremely rude and mean. Things like "please take this makeup off, its haram" "This isnt the right way to do hijab" "If you are wearing clothes like this under your hijab, its better to take it off" is straight up RUDE and heartbreaking and more over discouraging.
Sisters, we need to understand that in today's world, where everyone is so obsessed about looking beautiful and immodesty and vulgarity is at its peak, covering your head is a BIG decision on its own. And how many of us here have been a perfect hijabi/niqabi since day one?
No one is asking you to encourage sisters who are dressed a bit immodestly with a hijab on, however the least you can do is make dua for her or advice her in PRIVATE. Passing rude remarks and bashing each other in PUBLIC down won't get us anywhere.
Remember that you too once were maybe like her and it took you a while 'till you started taking hijab the way our Quran and Sunnah talks about. Everyone has a different level of eeman, and no two sisters can be the same. So lets celebrate sisterhood the right way, let's appreciate and help each other and lets not bring each other down instead."-Tehreem from Canada

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