Conclusion of Karbala

38. Conclusion of Karbala

The Hadith-Masters have interpreted the Hadith "the first army from my Ummah to attack the city of Caesar is forgiven" in many ways. One of them is that the city if Caesar mentioned in the Hadith is not Constantinople, but Hims, which was the capital city of the Roman Empire in the era of the Prophet, as given in Fath Ul Bari. This city was conquered in the caliphate of Hadhrath Umar (May Almighty-Allah be well pleased with him).

Even if it is accepted as Constantinople according to the opinion given by other interpreters, Yazid is still not included in the forgiveness, as Yazid did not participate in the first siege of Constantinople.

The first siege of Constantinople took place in 32 Hijri under Hadhrat Ameer Mu‘awiyah (May Almighty-Allah be well pleased with him). The second siege took place in 43 Hijri under the command of Hadhrath Busr bin Artaah (May Almighty-Allah be well pleased with him). The third siege took place in 44 or 46 Hijri under the command Hadhrath ‘Abdur Rahman bin Khalid bin Walid (May Almighty-Allah be well pleased with him). Yazid did not participate in any of these attacks.

There are 4 opinions about Yazid’s participation in the attack on Constantinople – in 49, 50, 52 or 55 Hijri Even if any of them is accepted as true, then Yazid cannot be said to have participated in the first siege as the first siege took place in 32 Hijri. Therefore, Yazid is not included in the forgiveness mentioned in the Hadith.

May Almighty-Allah put the love of The Holy-Prophet (Peace be upon Him) in our hearts & bless it with the love of the Prophet’s Family, the elders of our religion, the saints & the virtuous folk & protect our faith from all kinds of trials, tribulations & make us follow the Book of Almighty-Allah & the Sunnah of The Holy-Prophet (Peace be upon Him).

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