Glossary of the Karbala

                           Glossary of the Karbala

Glossary of the Karbala

Ayeisha (RA): Widow of the Prophet (Pbuh) and a leader during Jamal Confrontation.
Abbas (RA): Brother of Imaam Hussain, flag-bearer during Karbala.
Abu Sufyaan (RA): Leader of Bani Umayya, Mu’aviya’s father, was inveterate enemy of Islam.
Abu Musa Ash’ari (RA): Governor fired by Imaam ‘Ali (Ra) was selected to arbitrate after Siffin.
Ahle Bait (RA): The household of the Prophet (Pbuh), consisting of ‘Ali, Fatima, al-Hasan, Al-Hussain (Ra) and the 9 Imams descending from Al-Hussain (Ra) (peace be upon them all).
Al- Farazdaq (RA): A famous poet.
Al- Nu’man Ibn al-Basheer (RA): Governor over Kufa replaced by Ibn Ziyad through Yazid’s order.
Ali Akbar (RA): Son of Imaam Al-Husain (Ra), martyred in Karbala.
Ali Asghar (RA): Baby of Imaam Al-Husain (Ra), martyred in Karbala.
Ammar Ibn Yasir (RA): A famous highly revered Companion, on ‘Ali’s side, killed in Siffin.
Amr Ibnil Aas (RA): A cunning deceptive person, in Mu’awiya’s camp, arbitrator after Siffin.
Ash’ath Ibn Qais (RA): A spy General in ‘Ali’s armed forces, also the father of Joda (wife of Al-Hasan).
Bani Asad (RA): The tribe that buried Al-Hussain (Ra) and the other martyrs of Karbala.
Bani Umayya (RA): A clan known to be power hungry, greedy, and materialistic, of Mu’awiya.
Basrah (RA): An important town in south of Iraq.
Byzantines (RA): The Christian superpower ruling over Syria and Egypt that lost to Islam.
Hani Ibn Urwah (RA): The man who helped Muslim Ibn Aqeel in Kufa and lost his life for the cause.
Hurr Ibn Yazid al-Riyahi: The Commander of the enemy force who defected to the side of Imaam Husain (As).
Ibn Muljim: The killer of Imaam ‘Ali while ‘Ali was performing Salat Al-Subh.
Ibn Ziyad: The Governor over Kufa responsible for the atrocities of Karbala.
Imam: The 12 Divinely Commissioned leaders of the Ummah after the Prophet (S).
Imaam Al-Hasan (As): The second Divinely Commissioned Imam, & the brother of Imaam Husain (As).
Imaam ‘Ali (As): The first Divinely Commissioned Imam, and the father of Imaam Hasan and Husain (As).
Imaam Husain (As.): The third Divinely Commissioned Imam, hero of Karbala, brother of Imaam Hasan. Iraq: Country in which Imaam Husain suffered at the hands of its military.
Jamal: Battle imposed on ‘Ali by A’isha, Talha, and Zubair.
Joda (As): Wife of Imaam Al-Hasan, who poisoned him when enticed by Mu’awiya.
Karbala: The site of the ugliest atrocities committed against Al-Hasain, his family and devotees, but Karbala saved Islam from disintegration in an indirect way.
Khalifa: Head of state after the Prophet (S).
Kharijies: The outsiders who turned against ‘Ali then killed him while he was praying.
Madina: Famous town of the Prophet (S) in Arabia.
Mu’aviya: Of Bani Umayya clan, brother of Yazid, also father of the infamous Yazid of Karbala.
Muhammad ibn Abu Bakr (RA): Brother of A’isha who fought on ‘Ali’s side during Battle of Jamal.
Mukhtar Al-Thaqafi: Loyalist of Ahlul Bayt.
Muslim Ibn Aqeel: Cousin of Al-Hussain (Ra) and his emissary to Kufa, killed by Ibn Ziyad.
Omar: The second Khalifa who appointed Mu’awiya as the Governor over Syria.
Quraish: The clan of the Prophet (S).
Shimr Bin DhilJawshan: The killer of Imaam Husain (As), his name will remain in infamy.
Siffin: Battle imposed on ‘Ali by Mu’awiya.
Syria: Syria, Lebanon, and Palestine nowadays used to be called Syria.
Talha (Ra): Sahaabi, leader during Jamal Confrontation, killed during that battle.
Tulaqaa’ (Ra): Denigrating term used by Muhammad (S) for the disbelievers who had to become Muslims after Mecca was triumphed over.
Umar Ibn Sa’ad (Ra): Commander-in-chief of the military forces against Imaam Husain in Karbala.
Umm Habiba (Ra): Sister of Mu’awiya, daughter of Abu Sufyan, wife of the Prophet (S).
Uthman (Ra): The third Khalifa killed by the protesting Muslims.
Waleed Ibn Ut’ba: Governor over Medina when Yazid son of Mu’awiya declared his rulership.
Yazid son of Abu Sufyan: Brother of Mu’awiya, governor of Syria for a few years until he died.
Yazid son of Mu’awiya: Son of Mu’awiya, the infamous despicable ruler, cause of Karbala tragedy.
Zainab: Sister of Al-Hasain, losing her children for the cause.
Zubair: Sahaabi, leader during Jamal Confrontation, refused to fight during that battle.


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