What kind of love of Messenger of Almighty-Allah Family

love of Messenger of Almighty-Allah family ahle bait of Prophet Muhammad love
Ahle Bait

 love of Messenger of Almighty-Allah Family

The Messenger of Almighty-Allah (Peace Be Upon Him) gave the command to love them and also described the degree of love.
Translation: Love makes a person blind and deaf i.e. the lover can neither see nor hear of any defect in his/her beloved. (Sunan Abu Dawood, Volume. 2, Pg No. 699)
The zenith of love is that the lover cannot notice any defect in the beloved even when it exists. These personalities whom Almighty-Allah Most High and His Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him)) have commanded us to love, they themselves declare their virtuousness and purity and have negated the possibility of every defect in them.
Even after this declaration by Almighty-Allah Most High, if anyone attributes something inappropriate towards them, then that person is not raising objections against Imam Hussain (May Almighty-Allah be well pleased with him), instead that person is raising objections against the Holy Quran itself. Also, that person is breaking the rules of love and is moving out of its bounds.
The Messenger of Almighty-Allah (Peace Be Upon Him)) has not only commanded us to love His Family, but has also given glad tidings of paradise and intercession to those who love His Family.
Translation: My intercession is for those privileged people of the Ummah, who love my Family. (Kanz-Ul- Ummal, Volume. 13, Pg No. 86)

There is a Hadith:

There are 4 lucky people for whom I will intercede on the Day of Judgment.
1. One who respects my Family?
2. One who offers them what they need.
3. One who manages their affairs when they need it?
4. One who loves them with his tongue and heart? (Kanz-Ul- Ummal, Volume. 13, Pg No. 86)
There is a Hadith in Zujajatul Masabeeh on the authority of Musnad Ahmed.

Hadhrat Abuzar Ghifari says:

Translation: While I held the door of the K’aba, I heard The Messenger of Almighty-Allah (Peace Be Upon Him)) say: Behold! Verily, the example of my Family among you is like the ark of Prophet Nuh (May Peace Be upon him). Whoever boards it, is saved and whoever stays back is destroyed.
(Mishkatul Masabih, Volume. 2, Pg No. 573; Zujajatul Masabih, Volume. 5, Pg No. 315)
Source: Ziaislamic.com

love of Messenger of Almighty-Allah Family.


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