Punishment in Islam for having Zina Before Marriage or after?

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Punishment in Islam

Q) Punishment in Islam for having Sex(Zina) before marriage or after?

Best Answer:  Omg, thinking about the consequences just hurts my head (the punishment is just bad)! Its just soo haram and Allah punishes those who commit zina (sex before marriage and with another person besides your marriage partner)... The last prophet may peace be upon him said that poeple who commit zina will be punished in hell

'Premarital or extramarital sex - known as Zina is a major sin in Islam! Allah (swt) warns Muslims not to even come near it and describes it as “an abomination and an evil way.” (17: 32)

According to a Hadith it is also considered one of the worst sins in the eyes of Allah (swt).
The Holy Prophet related a dream in which he saw a number of sinners were being punished.

The Prophet said: “…We proceeded until we came across a hole in the ground that resembled a baking pit, narrow at the top and wide at the bottom. Babbling and voices were issuing from it. We looked in and saw naked men and women. Underneath the pit was a raging fire; whenever it flared up, the men and women screamed and rose with it until they almost fell out of the pit. As it subsided, they returned (to the bottom). I said: ‘Who are these?’ They said: ‘…The naked men and women who were in the pit, they are men and women who indulge in Zina…” (Bukhari)

It is such a serious offence that all things that lead to Zina, such as being alone with a member of the opposite sex who you’re not related to is also forbidden in Islam.
The reason why it’s forbidden in Islam is coz of the major problems that it can bring into society such as illegitimate children, spread of disease, increase in divorce rate, spread of crime, children not being brought up or cared for properly and ultimately the breakdown of the family unit.

Punishment For Adultery In Islam. Fornication is basically zina which is done before marriage and adultery is zina which is done after a person is married
                                                             Adultery Fornication


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