Selecting the Month of Rabi ul Awwal for His arrival

Selecting the month of Rabee Al Awwal for His arrival

The month of the birth of the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him) is Rab’ee Al Awwal. The reason this month is selected for His birth is that the word “Rab’ee” means spring. When spring comes, dead land again comes back to life. Greenery again adorns the earth. The dried up trees again wear the cloak of leaves. Gardens and orchards regain their lost bloom. Thus, Almighty Allah is giving us a sign that the Prophet (Peace be upon him) who has come in this month will revive dead hearts. He will succour the people who have oppressed. He will adorn the hearts with love and grant them the sweetness of faith.  He will fortify heedless hearts with the remembrance of Almighty Allah.


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