Manufacturing of Paper and Cloth 8th Century | Pioneer Muslim

 Manufacturing of Paper and Cloth 8th Century

Manufacturing of Paper and Cloth 8th century

The first paper in Islamic countries was manufactured in 794 A.D. in Baghdad by Yusuf Bin Omar. The paper manufactured in Arab countries was of superior quality than that made in Europe. By further developing the technique, they managed to produce paper on a larger scale. A paper mill was established in Baghdad, and soon paper replaced parchment (skin of animals) and papyrus (‘paper’ made from plants). The development of paper made knowledge and learning easier, for more people were able to have access to it. As the use of paper increased, vast numbers of books were produced. The industry spread further West, eventually reaching Europe.

In the manufacture of cloth, Muslims particularly in Spain exhibited marvellous skill and taste. Their woven cloth captured almost all the big markets of the world and was considered to be the finest as well as extremely durable.


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