Allergy Symptoms Pharmaceuticals

 Allergy Symptoms Pharmaceuticals

Allergy Symptoms Pharmaceuticals

The rash is the most frequent viewer, as the possible emergence of wounds and blisters in the mouth.

Sensitivity to Drug Allergy, Anaphylactic reaction, a skin test for the drug (skin test), Desensitization.

Questions And Answers

Q1: Doubts about medical negligence in the treatment of a pregnant woman. I suffer from Factor 5 Leiden Factor V Leiden and Factor Factor XI and allergic to aspirin. In the two preceding calving medical staff it was not willing to give me (Klexan - Clexane) did not classify cases among high-risk pregnancies, because My doctor did not think to do so, even though I asked. In the second I was born, the child is the status of the rear, My doctor did not bother to do so, she said, only that I will bitterest by Caesarean section, and did not talk to me about the risks. In my case it was even thinking about the heart of the fetus should be because of the risk of bleeding in the process. In summing up the first pregnancy, there was no discussion or conclusions about the future, and a day before the second birth, doctors came to my question, if you remember what they told me about the disease. I offered my life at risk twice, and today I have the cases of depression and fears. Is this a medical negligence?

A: As I understand it, calving previous two meters in peace and did not happen to you and Mwaliedk any damage. According to what was described then you suffer from fears and anxieties. The relationship between them and the things that have been said to you or not spoken, by the treating physicians are unclear.

I have no way of knowing whether what they have done or they had not done was right and proper, but the positive result (twice) mean that everything has gone well. Without any doubt, you should inform your doctor about your health and your illness and Hsast different drugs, and even to make sure that these things are clearly recorded in your medical. Not everything that you say people who are not well-versed on the details of the illness is more reliable than do doctors who know your status.

Let's hope that the next pass births successfully calving like the previous two, and possibly by the same doctors, who apparently cared for your well.

Q2: What is the common cold cure or treat a cold?

A: There is no cure for common colds or cure a cold. The most important thing is to drink plenty of fluids to prevent dehydration. So as to prevent additional pollution in your body. Avoid drinks such as coffee, tea, snacks and beverages that contain caffeine. It absorbs fluid from your body. As for eating, they acted according to the appetite. If you are not hungry, in particular, they tried to eat simple foods like white rice or soup.

Can treat eating cold chicken soup is good food when dealing with a cold. In addition, the soup steam helps to open clogged breathing passages. Root ginger helps many people to calm stomach disorders. A hot drink with a little alcohol can help you to sleep, but we must beware of drinking alcohol if you take other medicines you are against the symptoms of a cold.

Medicines sold without a prescription can relieve pain and fever. However, the doctors no longer believe in the need to reduce temperatures except for the very young or very elderly, or patients who suffer from certain medical conditions such as heart and lung disease. Low temperatures help the body fight pollution by preventing viruses and bacteria growth through activation of the immune system.

And ways to alleviate the congestion that can facilitate breathing by reducing the mucous membranes in the nose operation.

Airless sprayer on the basis of brine (Salein) can also open breathing passages and may be used freely.

Cough medicines are not effective so much. For the treatment of mild cough, the water and fruit juice will help more.

Q3: Eating Oltroxan, Oomfirdquis and iron supplements together. Greetings to you and after: I am a woman in the sixth and sixty years of age, and I suffer from hypothyroidism and I have medication Oltroxan. In addition, I was anemic (Anemia), carrots (Reflux). My question to you is: Is there a problem in the following medicines eating together: Oltroxan, Oomfirdquis, Iron supplement, Omega-3, Tsvrlex?

A: Hello your Dear Mrs. liquid and after: here's answer to a specialist doctor on your question, which is as follows: Dear Mrs. liquid, said that the only problem in the integration of these drugs is that iron supplements should be taken in an acidic environment, is how better it is absorbed, while the function Aloomfirdquis, It is to reduce the level of acidity in the stomach. But you madam that these pills Taatnola at different hours, and thus solve this problem. In Aside from that, there is no problem in taking these drugs together.

Q4: Eating Amictl with a complement of vitamin B12 deficiency. Greetings to you and after: Kindly inform me and answer my question, where he was diagnosed with epilepsy've got two and a half ago. Since then until today, Amictl use a dose of 500 mg per day. At the same time, and because of a lack of vitamin B12, pick a complementary 1000 mg per day. My question to you is: Is there a contradiction between the two, and what side effects that may occur ?, and you my sincere thanks.

A: Hello your dear liquid and after: here's an answer to your question the doctor in charge, are as follows: Dear liquid, there is no contradiction between the drugs. Also, you do not know any adverse effects, even when taking high doses of vitamin B12.

Q5: Eradication of liver lobe due to vascular tumors. In the examination of the CT was found when my wife tumors large vascular in the right lobe of the liver (about 23 cm), and we are in the midst of many investigations and recommend weighted is the eradication of most or all of the right lobe, mainly because these tumors vascular pressure on a number of veins. What is the risk/likelihood of this process for the functions of the liver then? Are there better alternatives (such as transplant, radiation therapy, etc.) If the most right liver lobe eradication can not return all of the new-size Did you actually possible to live normally after removal? Where can I learn more about this topic?

A: Of Inquiry is not clear enough what are the problems or liver disorders resulting from vascular tumors. It reported that the tumor pressing on a number of veins - the veins and what is causing this pressure? Therapeutic method used for the treatment of vascular tumours in the liver, which do not have the symptoms of which are found randomly are traditional, i.e. monitoring only. If there are disturbances or problems associated with vascular tumours, there are several treatment options, which you've mentioned in your message. The decision on therapeutic method must take into account the overall situation of the patient, symptoms or the prevailing problem, and also the medical staff therapist skill. Treatment should be done in a specialised medical centre in liver surgery, there can achieve the best results. For other questions better be answered by the doctor in charge of the treatment, according to his personal experience.


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