Common Causes of Skin Ageing

 Common Causes of Skin Ageing

As we get more into the life of our skin is also infected with ageing. Facial wrinkles, sun damage, Noninterchangeable spots are often part of the process through which the skin ageing. How you can reduce and soften it?

As we get older our skin pass the changes. Pyramid skin and facial wrinkles are affected by several factors: lifestyle, diet, heredity and personal habits (such as smoking). Sun exposure is the main cause of damage to the skin. Sun damage is caused by ultraviolet rays that break the skin tissue and lead to tension, Atrial, wrinkling, as well as also to be spots, and in many cases , the growth of cells per - cancerous and even skin cancer.

Other factors that increase the ageing of the skin and facial wrinkles is the loss of fatty tissue between the skin and muscles, the pressure, the force of gravity, facial movements (smile or frown) and obesity. Skin changes during ageing could include dry or rough skin, cornea benign tumours on the skin or Healthily and expansion of blood vessels, skin translucent or slave, and bruises easily made up because of the reduction in the elasticity of the skin.

Common causes of skin ageing

Facial wrinkles - wrinkles are the mark more clearly on the ageing of the skin. It occurs due to constant exposure to the sun, while the more wrinkles than in smokers than in non - smokers.

Expression lines - the same lines, sometimes called "laugh lines" or "worry lines" become more severe when the skin loses its elasticity, since the age of forty and fifty. Horizontal lines at the front and the nose area, and in the broad area of ​​the cheeks, mouth and eyes.

Dry skin and itching - dry skin, sometimes accompanied by a crust, is a common problem in old age. The loss of the sebaceous glands of the face, which helps to keep the skin soft, is the main cause of dry skin. In rare cases, the dry skin and itching can be a sign of diabetes, kidney disease or liver disease.

Skin cancer - exposure to ultraviolet radiation is the most common reason for the growth of per - cancer and skin cancer.

Patches of skin - brown spots that appear on areas of the body that are exposed to the sun - especially the hands and face.

Pressure ulcers - sores that appear mainly when you sit for a long time on a chair or sleeping on the bed. Pressure sores are common in older people who have difficulty in moving the problem themselves. Diabetic patients are more susceptible to these sores because the flow of blood in their bodies have less. Posture and continuous movement helps prevent pressure sores change.

How to take care of skin ageing?

You can not hide facial wrinkles, but can be mitigated by various lotions and cosmetic treatments, especially those that formed after exposure to the sun started. For dry skin, the best treatment is the use of moisturising creams and lotions appropriate. Bathing frequently may increase skin dryness worse. Skin cancer can not be completely prevented, so every change in a mole or abnormal growth of skin requires a diagnosis by a dermatologist. Sometimes there is a need for a biopsy in cases where the presence of skin cancer is suspected.

Is it possible to prevent ageing of the skin?

It will be difficult to repair sun damage, but the skin renew itself naturally. To keep your skin:

    Kareem had used sunscreen with SPF protection of at least 30 workers.
    Avoid artificial tanning, such as tanning beds.
    Geld km case , search and follow the changing moles.
    Follow the rich vegetables and fruit diet. Tarmacadam oxidation in the fight free radicals which are responsible for skin ageing.

    Arise exercise physical fitness exercises regularly.


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