Symptoms of High Blood Pressure (HBP-Hypertension) | Causes and Rsk Factors & Complications

Some people suffer from high blood pressure (hypertension - High blood pressure) for years without feeling any offer. High blood pressure and uncensored increases the risk of serious health problems, attack and stroke.

It determines blood pressure according to the amount of blood pumped by the heart and by the resistance level of blood flow to the arteries. Whenever the heart to pump more blood, and whenever the arteries narrower, the blood pressure is more elevated.
Develops high blood pressure often over many years, and in the end it appears when almost all people. Fortunately, the discovery of the disease is very easy. After the discovery of high pressure, it is possible to control it with the help of doctors.

Symptoms of high blood pressure

Symptoms of high blood pressure in most people who suffer from it do not show, as well as the command in the cases where the blood pressure values recorded so high that formed a threat.

When a section of the show patients, in the early stages of the disease, mild headaches, dizziness, or bleeding from the nose is more than a habit. But these signs and symptoms usually appear when the disease reaches a more advanced stage, to some extent constituted a threat to life.

The causes and risk factors for high blood pressure

There are two types of hypertension:

  • Hyper initial blood pressure (Main): 90% - 95% of cases in adults, it is not possible to define its cause. It tends this type of disease, to gradually evolve, over many years.
  • Hyper secondary blood: When the 5% - 10% remaining, generated this kind as a result of another disease pressure. Where usually it appears suddenly and cause higher blood pressure than that which is caused by "excessive initial blood pressure."
Several diseases and drugs is one of the most important of reasons 

hypertension secondary, including:

  • Kidney disease
  • Tumors of the adrenal gland
  • Certain congenital heart defects
  • Certain medications such as pills to prevent pregnancy , drugs against colds , medications to relieve congestion
  • Pain relievers without the need of a prescription and a number of drugs that need a prescription
  • Kalecoqaian drugs and amphetamine (stimulant nervous - Amphetamine).

Several factors increase the risk of hypertension, some of which can not be controlled.

Risk factors include:
  • Age: increasing the risk of infection with age. At the beginning of middle age, the disease is more common among men. The women Vimln to the incidence of the disease in the post - ( the age of "despair" - Menopause)
  • Family history: hypertension tends to move genetically.

Other additional risk factors can be controlled:

  • Overweight or obesity: Whenever a person is the highest weight, was in need of more blood in order to be able to deliver oxygen and nutrients to different tissues of the body. The higher the flow of the blood vessels larger amount of blood, the pressure on the artery walls is greater.
  • Lack of physical activity: the pace of work of the heart in people who do not engage in physical activity is higher than among those who practice it. The faster the work of the heart, the heart needs to work harder at each contraction, which increases the pressure on the arteries. In addition, the lack of physical activity increases the risk of obesity.
  • Smoking: Smoking tobacco leads to raise the blood pressure of an immediate and temporary. In addition, the chemicals found in tobacco may damage the walls of arteries. As a result, the arteries may become narrower, leading to high blood pressure.
  • Feed many salt (sodium): The existence of a very large amount of table salt (sodium) in the diet may lead to fluid retention in the body, which causes high blood pressure.
  • Low potassium feed: Potassium helps to balance sodium levels in cells. When it is not consumption or storage, a sufficient amount of potassium, it could lead to the accumulation of a very large amount of sodium in the blood.
  • Low vitamin feed "d": It is not clear whether the nutrition that lack of vitamin "d" can cause hypertension, or not. Researchers believe that vitamin "d" can affect the enzyme produced by the kidneys and affect blood pressure. There is a need for additional research in this area in order to be possible to determine how vitamin "d" on blood pressure.
  • Alcohol: Drinking alcohol may cause the secretion of hormones lead to high blood pressure and increased heart rate.
  • Tension: high levels of stress lead to a temporary rise, but dramatically. Attempts to relax by eating too much, smoking tobacco or drinking alcohol, may lead to the complexity of blood pressure problems.
  • Chronic diseases: some chronic diseases (including cholesterol high, diabetes , insomnia , kidney disease) may lead to increased risk of hypertension.

Sometimes pregnancy is a factor in high blood pressure.
Hyper diffuse blood, basically, pressure among adults, but children also may be susceptible to infection, in some cases.

It develops hypertension in some children as a result of kidney problems or heart failure. But a growing number of children are exposed to infection hypertension as a result of bad lifestyle habits, such as improper and unhealthy nutrition and lack of physical activity

Complications of high blood pressure

Excessive blood pressure on the artery walls, it may cause damage to the blood vessels and other members of the body. Whenever the blood pressure is high and more whenever remained high without treatment for a long time more, the damage is greater.

Not to treat high blood pressure may lead to:

  • Damage to blood vessels
  • Aneurysm (dilation localised to the walls of blood vessels)
  • Cardiac arrest
  • Blockage or rupture of blood vessels in the brain
  • Weakness and narrowing of blood vessels in the kidneys
  • Intensify, laceration or narrowing of blood vessels in the eyes
  • Problems with memory or understanding 


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