Ways To Get Rid Of Tension In 5 Minutes 40 Way

Ways To Get Rid Of Tension In 5 Minutes 40 Way

With a multitude of responsibilities and pressures of life generated within us a feeling of pressure and tension and we hope very much if we could take a long vacation we go in to the beach to enjoy and get rid of the pressures of life, but the mere thought of such leave a big dream may be, we can not be achieved, but does not mean that we live in the tension even have the time off, you know us the best ways to get rid of stress.

The most important ways to get rid of tension

1. Green Tea: Green tea contains Allegiance compound which is one of the best ways to get rid of stress.

2. Chocolate: A piece of chocolate "28 grams" help get rid of tension, especially dark chocolate help to regulate the stress hormone cortisol and improve metabolism.

3. Honey: Where to eat sugars of the best ways to get rid of stress and psychological pressure, you can eat a large hanging of honey to get rid of the tension in addition to being a moisturiser for the skin and contains antibiotics and anti-inflammatory in the brain, which means that fight depression and anxiety.

4. Mangoes: Mangoes contain "linalool" a compound that helps reduce stress ratio.

5. Chewing Gum: Regardless of your favourite flavoured chewing gum is one of the best ways to get rid of tension, and after a few minutes of chew gum to reduce the body 's stress hormone cortisol ratio.

6. Crackers: You can eat crunchy candy mild of subsidiarity in dealing with stress, a recent study has shown that eating crackers all kinds of help to get rid of stress.

7. Reflection: 5 Minutes of silence and meditation may change the whole day, Meditating of the most important ways to get rid of all the tension and stress of everyday life focused on breathing.

8. Assigned Your Head To The Pillow: We pass the days and all What we need is a nap long to restore balance during the day, but to get to nap during the work of the seven impossibilities, you can instead take a small pillow with you and assigned your head out of the front and imagine that the pillow a piece of sponge absorbs all your stress.

9. Breath: Of the simplest ways to relax is to breathe, Valtnevs slowly lowers blood pressure and heart rate, and you can experience breathing pranayama a breathing in yoga and exercises that include breathing through my nose and one pocket, and that will help to re - balance the body and mind .

10. Progressive Relaxation: Focus the pressure on every single muscle in the body, for example , use a rubber ball to squeeze them , and rested the hand several times you will feel the tension down gradually and others use this method to help them sleep.
11. Countdown: Try to prepare for No. 10 , and then countdown again helps to get rid of tension and nervousness and served frequently in cases of job interviews.

12. Daydreams: And know that perception is also creative, imagine some of the things that make you happy to overcome the tension, it is the mood of the stimuli quick effect.

13. Close Your Eyes: Experts advise Bag-mad eyes for several minutes during the work to be separated completely from the pressure and stress, and are an easy way to regain focus.

14. Massage: Massage the parts that you can link it to your body, and massage is important for those who spend many hours in front of computer screens and helps to get rid of negative energy and tension of things. Also read: Fight fatigue and enjoy your life Advertisement

15. Therapy Pressing: Is a type of physical therapy , which aims to achieve a balance in body fluids and energy, by massaging the soft area between the index finger and thumb you can use lavender oil massage.

16. Foot Massage: Away from the stadiums used a golf ball to rub the feet, it helps to relax.

17. Football Tension: Use a small rubber roller to unload your stress by clicking on it.

18. Cold Water Maiman: When feeling nervous and the pressure went to the bathroom and wash your hands with cold water wrists and behind the earlobe, for the presence of the arteries near the skin in those areas, and cooling the area helps to calm the whole body.

19. Discharged Hair: Repetition of acts helps the body to relax hair or wash dishes.

20. Be Lonely: 5 Minutes of sitting isolated from the world helps you to get rid of tension and assemble your thoughts separated.

21. Comfort Zone: Devoted far from the noise to relax a day for five minutes away from the pressures of work place.

22. Sunlight: Exposure to sunlight helps you DE-stress and recharge energy.

23. Nets: When Tad things and tension had cut more than 5 minutes of your time to look through the window it helps you to relax.

24. Regulation: Work in unstructured place Sepsis frustration and tension Organise your desktop quickly to get rid of stress.

25. Pray: Sign exercise some simple yoga exercises to replenish your body and your spirit and energy to save you from stress.

26. Expansion: Expansion "Altmguet" while standing helps you to renew your energy and get rid of the tension and relaxing muscles.

27. Running Hard: Probably not be able to run away, but running hard stimulates the secretion of the hormone endorphin and helps you to get rid of stress.

28. Walk: When feeling nervous and difficulty concentrating deducted five minutes to go for a little walk around the workplace, Safeness to re - focus the energy and shipping.

29. Writing: Writing your feelings on paper helps you to get rid of negative energy and tension.

30. Qur'an: Listen to the Koran relaxes the breasts and handling stress and anxiety.

31. Music: Listening to music dear to your heart to help you overcome stress.

32. Dancing: Recent studies suggest that people who practice modern dance feel nervous and less concern.

33. Game Puncture: Games stimulate the brain and Kalpzl Sudoku and other help to get rid of stress.

34. Aromatherapy: Smells good help you get rid of stress and improve your mood, try to put some essential oils in the palm of your hand and are inhaled.

35. The Flowers: The smell of flowers and the form of help in getting rid of tension and calm the nerves.

36. The Smell Of Citrus: Citrus smell of oranges and tangerines help improve mood and get rid of stress.

37. Coffee: Drinking coffee helps to regenerate energy, but also smells improve mood and removes tension.

38. Laughter: Laughter strengthens the immune system and increases blood flow and helps get rid of stress and relax.

39. Talk: Talk to a close friend helps you to get rid of negative emotions and relax.

40. Planning Leave: Planning the vacation makes in the case of Activity desire to spend the holiday and help you Get rid of the tension. Now, write to us any of these methods and a positive opinion of the way you tried any of them before?


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