Faith Beliefs in almighty Allah | There a god is real exists - True.

About God meaning or words of God

The Almighty Allah is the Creator of the Universe (Except Allah everything (which comprises of sky, moon, sun, human beings and animals, etc.) collectively called the universe). He is supreme in His powers and attributes (whether they are orders or news). His name is Allah Subhaana Wa ta’ala (true god).

Beliefs - Imaan

Allah ta’ala and Allah's ta’ala Messenger and Everything (3) which has come from god (through His messenger) and their affirmation with tongue and heart is called Imaan.

Pillars of Faith (Arkaan e Imaan)

There are two Arkaan of the Beliefs:

(I) Affirmation by heart
(ii) Affirmation by tongue (Though the virtuous deeds do not form part of the Beliefs (Imaan) yet they are essential for perfection and glorification of Beliefs. (Imaan)).

Believers (Momin)

A Believer is one who recites by tongue Kalima e Tayyiba or attributes of the Beliefs in a concise form.

(Imaan-e-Mujmal) or Beliefs in detail or comprehensive form (Imaan-e-Mufassal) and affirmation thereof with heart is called a Believers (M’omin)

Kalima e Tayyiba: -

(Laa Ilaha Illallahu Muhammadur Rasulullah).

Translation: There is no God (Ilaah) except Allah and Prophet Hadhrat Muhammad (SAWS) is Messenger of Allah.

Beliefs in Concise (Imaan-e-Mujmal) and Beliefs in Detail (Imaan-e-Mufassal) The testimony and abridged affirmation of everything which has come from Allah are called Concise Beliefs. And detailed or comprehensive testimony and affirmation of everything is called detailed or comprehensive Beliefs (Imaan-e-Mufassal) (There is no one except Allah to be worshiped).

1. The essential elements of shariat that related to the affirmation by heart having firm confidence and trust therein is known as Beliefs (Aqeeda) or faith the plural of these Beliefs is called aqaayed.
Description of Beliefs (1).

Attributes of Beliefs in Concise.

Translations’:-I believe in authority of Almighty Allah (God) as it exists and His attributes and accept all His commandments.

Attributes of Beliefs in Detail.

Translations’: -I believe in Almighty Allah (God) and His angels and His books and His messengers and in the day of resurrection when the dead shall be resuscitated and on fate that carries good and bad as determined by the Almighty Allah.

Warning: - These things (1) are the root cause of all the faiths. The person denying any one of them will be an unbeliever (Kaafir). In order to understand them well a detailed description of each item is given below-

Faith Beliefs in almighty Allah | there a god is real exists - true.

1. I believe in Almighty Allah (God). Allah is one in His existence, attributes and actions. No one is a partner to Him.

2. He is from eternity and will be till the eternity (it is not that he has been caused to exist by any other).

3. He is from antiquity that means He is immortal

4. All His names and attributes (3) are antique, self existing and will continue to exist forever.

5. He has no beginning or end. He is the first and last. He is manifest and hidden.

6. Whatever is existing except Him is new (4) in creation and created by Him only. He will destroy and resuscitate the dead on the Day of Judgment.

7. He fosters the creatures

8. He is not depending upon any other whereas the entire universe or world is depending upon Him.

1. The six articles of faith which are explained in the Beliefs in detail (Imaan-e-mufassal) as its attributes.
2. The attributes of the Allah Ta’ala are unlimited. A few of them are presented here.
3. We have to be content with the number and the names and attributes of Allah Ta’ala as testified by the Shariah and it is not lawful to determine any name or attribute using our guess.
4. That means created.

9. He is incomparable. No one is like Him and resembles Him.

10. He has no Father, Mother, Wife, Sons, and daughters.

11. He is free from bodily structure and its requirements. (Eating, drinking and sleeping (1))

12. He is alive but has no structure or face like us.

13. He looks at everything but has no eyes like us.

14. He hears every sound but has no ears like us.

15. He talks but has no tongue like us.

16. He controls everything. He does whatever he intends.

17. Everything takes place with His intention and no one can stop Him from this.

18. He has knowledge of each and every thing (Whether it exists in the hearts or hidden in earth or wherever available).

19. He gives life and death, makes ill and cures the illness.

20. He honors and dishonors and gives benefit and loss.

21. Any work of Him is not devoid of His wisdom.

22. He is the lord of all and sustainer and king of the kings.

23. He is attributed with all the qualities of excellence and goodness. Free from the signs of mortality and defects (2).

24. He alone deserves for prayers and worship (Majestic)

1. Similarly He is free from time and space.
2. The attributes of the Almighty Allah substantially do not resemble the characteristics of the creature. They do not come in the perception or guess of the creature. The adjectives and attributes of the creature are inferior in quality. They only guide to know the superior attributes the Almighty Allah (God) possesses to the extent of reach and nothing else.


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