The Details About Joining The Compulsory Salat

The Details About Joining The Compulsory Salat :-

1. If a person starts Fardh Salat individually & the same Fardh is being performed in a congregation he should end (2) his Salat (3) & join the congregation (4). Provided he has not performed the Sajdah of 2nd Raka’at of Fajar or Maghreb & the Sajdah of first or 3rd Raka’at of Zohar, Asar or Esha. If the Sajdah of 2nd Raka’at of Fajar or Maghreb & the Sajdah of 3rd Raka’at of Zohar, Asar & Esha is performed he should not discontinue the Salat , it is to be got completed (5). & if the Sajdah of Zohar, Asar & Esha has been performed say one Raka’at more & complete 2 Raka’at (6) then discontinue the Salat  & join the congregation.

1. Therefore congregation of Vitar is subject to the congregation of Taraveeh.
2. at the time when the Imaam utters Initial Takbir (Takbir e Tahreema).
3. That means by conveying one salaam.
4. Then by making intention join the congregation. If a person without breaking his Salat  follows the Imaam after making intention is not correct.
5. & after completion of his resolved Salat  if the congregation is continued & it is for Zohar or Esha one may join the congregation to get reward with an intention of Nafil Salat  . If it is of Fajar, Asar, or Maghreb Salat  one need not join.
6. So that two Raka’at of Nafil are completed.

2. If a person is saying Sunnah Salat  & the congregation for Fardh Salat  is started he should not break the Salat . Because breaking of 'Sunnah' or 'Nafil' Salat is not lawful, even though he has not performed the 'Sajdah ' of first Raka’at. Whereas he should perform the duet which he was saying complete them & then join the congregation (if the Sunnah was of 4 Raka’at & if this duet was of first two sets then after completion of his Fardh Salat  with Imaam, he should perform 4 Raka’at as Qaza.

3. If the Fardh Jama’at is going on then no Sunnah etc. be started. However the Sunnah of Fajar  which is more Stressed (Muakkadah) is to be performed(1) provided the last sitting (Qaida Akhira) is expected with the Imaam  & if there is no chance of getting Qaida Akhira the Sunnah Salat  need not be performed, join the congregation.

4. If the Sunnah Salat  of Fajar is misssed along with Fardh Salat  , it can be performed before noon with the Fardh Salat  . If lost without Fardh then there is no Qaza (2). Moreover no 'Qaza' even after declining of the Sun.

5. If the Pre Sunnah of Zohar is missed owing to joining the congregation or due to shortage of time, they can be performed immediately after Fardh Salat  before the post two Sunnah.

6. If the congregational Prayer (Jama’at) is going on one should join the Jama’at immediately, whichever posture is going on without waiting for a particular posture. If the Rukūʿ of any Raka’at is made available in the leadership of the Imaam (3) it will be presumed that that Raka’at is performed. If the Rukūʿ is not made available then that Raka’at will not be taken into account.

7. After the Azan is delivered, it’s abhorrent to leave the mosque without performing the Salat . However if it is for making arrangements in another mosque, it is not abhorrent.

1. When the congregation prayer is started say Sunnah, etc. away from the congregation in any corner or behind any pillar. Because where the Fardh Salat  is performed saying of other Salat  there is abhorrent to the point of forbidden particularly in the row (Saf) which is extremely abhorrent.
2. Not after Fardh Salat  before rising of the sun or after the sun rise.
3. Joining of Rukūʿ will be taken into account when the Muqtadi is able to uttar one Tasbih with Imaam.


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